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Set Up Shop Fast With Rockler's Steel Shop Stands

Rockler Shop Stand
Setting up shop isn't just about buying the right tools. You need work surfaces where you can get the most out of those tools, and you need space to store them so that they're protected and out of the way but still close at hand. And it would be nice if those work surfaces and storage areas didn't break the bank or take forever to assemble.
Enter Rockler's Steel Shop Stands. They're built for heavy-duty use, and the size can be customized to fit your shop - whether you need work stations, an assembly table or tool storage cabinets. Here's why they're worth a good look:

Many options

Configurations You can get shop stands in three complete sets sized for common uses (such as for router tables, narrow work tables or CNC tables), or you can buy sets of legs and stretchers separately to make the size you need. One set of legs and two sets of stretchers are required for a complete table. Stretchers come in 18", 24", 36" and 48" lengths, allowing a total of 10 possible size configurations, and there are two height options for legs (28" and 32"). You can also buy 3" risers for additional height adjustment. In addition, the stands can be open, or you can use plywood to turn them into an enclosed cabinet. Legs are predrilled so you can install cabinet doors or drawers (using an available kit). Stretchers can be installed at the top of the stand or 4" down to allow for installation of a drawer or mounting of a vise. And Rockler shop stands can be stationary, or locking casters (sold separately) can be added to make them visible-xs-inline.

Strength and durability

Two words: steel construction. Legs are 1/8" thick and are formed in an "L" shape for strength. Stretchers are 1/16" thick. All are coated with a durable black sand paint.

Pick your own top

Rockler sells 1-1/8" thick melamine-coated MDF tops in two sizes (24" x 32" and 28" x 40"), plus a 28" x 40" top with integrated T-Tracks for use with a wide range of accessories, including stops, hold downs and clamps. Two sizes of 1-3/4" thick maple hardwood tops (26" x 38" and 28" x 50") also are available. Or you can make a custom top out of MDF, plywood or whatever you want.

Convenience and easy assembly

Good design makes assembly a breeze: Just line up the square holes in the legs with the square holes in the stretchers and fasten with the included carriage bolts. (All assembly hardware is included.) Legs and stretchers also are predrilled to make it easy to add tops, cabinet sides, shelves and doors, and stretchers feature flanged top edges to support a top or shelf. With the available Drawer Kits, you can easily mount epoxy-coated or ball-bearing drawer slides to 18" and 24" deep stands. The included levelers provide a solid base, even on rough floors, but also can easily be switched out for locking casters so the stand can be moved wherever you need it. All told, the simple assembly means you can create a system for your entire shop in a few hours.


Workbenches can cost hundreds of dollars, even at home centers, and you're stuck with the sizes and features of the models they carry. With Rockler's steel stands, you can get the configuration that's just right for your shop – and your budget. Set up your shop with these great Shop Stand ideas: Power Miter Saw Station Mini Lathe Station Sharpening Station & Drill Press Station Multiple-Tool Tables Work Tables Shop Stand Accessories