Spring and Hand Clamps Great for Quick Fastening and Gluing Jobs with Flat Pressure

Varying spring clamp sizes Spring clamps provide a quick clamping option that come in a wide variety of sizes and limited, but solid use in woodworking projects. Easily applied with a single hand, spring clamps are very handy for quick fastening and gluing jobs that don’t require much clamping pressure — models, small parts, trim and such. Available in a wide range of sizes, spring clamps with floating jaws that apply flat pressure to the surfaces they clamp are best for woodworking. Bessey’s ingenious VarioClippix feature an adjustable top jaw, allowing them to handle a greater range of part thicknesses. Hand clamps such as Wolfcraft’s AccuGrip and Pony ISD clamps tighten with the pressure of your grip: The harder you squeeze, the more clamping pressure is applied. They lock just like locking pliers (e.g., Vise-Grips); a small button or lever releases the jaws.