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Steel City 25200 Benchtop Mortiser Has an Extension Table and Warped but Tall Cast Fence

Steel City 25200 Benchtop Mortiser HP/Speed: 1/2; 1725 RPM
Standard Stroke: 5"
Max. Chisel Center to Fence: 4"
Weight: 81 lbs
2010 Price: $329.99 Steel City’s mortiser has several standout features. First, I really like the pair of pullout base extensions that provide 35" of left and right support. That’ll be handy when mortising longer frame parts, posts or legs. The tool also has a pair of table rollers for keeping wood snug against the fence. [caption id="attachment_9395" align="aligncenter" width="350"]Steel City mortiser extension table The Steel City mortiser is the only of the benchtop mortisers that has an extendable table for longer workpieces. Auger bit installation is a snap, thanks to two clear doors that swing open “gull wing” style to give you plenty of access. You can choose to mount the handle left or right. The 25200’s cast fence is plenty tall, but the one on my test tool was slightly warped at the top and cupped at the bottom — not enough to really influence accuracy, however. A rack-and-pinion gear and ratchet lever made the fence easy to use. The hold-down is adequate, but setups could be easier with a knob or lever. This machine had no difficulty mortising both hard and softwoods, and it comes with four chisels to get that work done, plus a storage rack. Buying a 25200 will set you back about $40 more than Delta, but I think the table extensions and rollers are worth the extra cash.