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Top 10 Workshop Annoyances: You Can't Easily Find the On/Off Switch on Your Machine

When you want to shut off a benchtop or stationary machine, you end up fumbling around for the Off switch. Paddle emergency machine switch To make quick stops, especially in an emergency, an easy to attach paddle-type safety switch is a must-have for many shop tools.
Install a safety switch on the machine. This kind of electrical machine switch has regular push-button-type On and Off buttons, but with an oversized paddle that actuates the Off switch. All you need to do is thump the switch with your palm or fist to shut off the tool. I installed one of these on my router table recently, and I found it most convenient to mount the switch with the Off paddle about 20" above the floor, so I can turn the router off with my knee, thus keeping my hands free and my attention focused on the tool. A safety switch is not only convenient, but could also save your behind if you need to turn a machine off in a hurry in the case that something goes awry.