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Jet® Drum Sander 1.75HP w/Open Stand

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Jet® Drum Sander 1.75HP w/Open Stand Jet® Drum Sander 1.75HP w/Open Stand
Jet® Drum Sander 1.75HP w/Open Stand

This sander is a leader in it's class. It can sand up to 44" wide with greater accuracy that any thing else in it's class.

  • Our Exclusive SandSmart™ infinitely variable-feed control produces the ultimate finish at a rate from 0 to 10 feet per minute and prevents machine overload
  • Patented conveyor belt Trackers™ dramatically reduce the need for manual belt adjustment
  • Precision-machined and balanced extruded aluminum drum is self-cooling to protect the surface being sanded from heat-damage
  • Sealed and permanently lubricated drum ball bearings for longer life
  • Precision-fl attened reinforced steel conveyor bed and no-give power feed belt provide a fl at sanding surface for better results
  • Adjustable drum height and downward pressure feature virtually eliminates snipe
  • Large cast-iron handwheel adjusts height at 1/16" per turn for precise sanding thickness control
  • Patented abrasive take-up fasteners make changing abrasives quick and easy
  • Continuous-duty, 1-3/4HP motor is designed for consistent power and long life
  • On/off switch with overload protection is front-mounted for operator's convenience
  • One feed and one drive motor for superior sanding control
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(1) Jet® Drum Sander 1.75HP w/Open Stand
More Information
Brand Jet
Manufacturer Part Number 649004K
Weight N/A
Tech Spec N/A
Tech Docs
HP 1-3/4 HP
Sander Style Stationary
Speed 1700 RPM
Dust Collection 4" Port
Volts 115
Cord/Cordless Corded
Max Width (inches) 44
Min Width (inches) N/A
Conveyor Motor 43 inch-lb. torque, direct drive D.C.
Minimum Thickness N/A
Maximum Thickness 4''
3.8 / 5.0
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I recently purchased the Jet 22/44...
I recently purchased the Jet 22/44 Plus drum sander with closed stand and extension tables at a local woodworking shop's vendor show. The product came in four boxes containing the sander, the closed stand, the conveyor and the extension tables. The sander box has a net weight of 231 pounds. The other boxes were not labeled with weights but I could lift all of them although the box containing the closed stand was heavy. The packaging was quite good and I have found no shipping damage to any part. The four boxes took up most of the space in the back of a Chevy Colorado.Assembly is a snap. This tool is very well built and the fit and finish is impressive. Everything lined up as you would hope. The conveyor belt is shipped over-tensioned. The instructions clearly describe how to set the tension and the tracking. I had no trouble making it track almost perfectly with just a few minutes of fiddling with the two tension wrenches attached to the two sides of the conveyor. The drum carriage is cast iron. The extruded aluminum drum is 5" in diameter and 22 inches long. The conveyor mounting base is massive and gives the tool stability. The 1.75 HP motor is rated at 15.5 Amps. The Height Adjustment Handwheel is also cast and well made and the assembly it controls is also substantial. The adjustment is accurate. The overall dimensions of the assembled device without the extension tables is 37" broadside x 26" conveyor width x 51" High. With the extensions it is about 44" in the feed direction. So far I have sanded a few short oak boards, a few pine 2x4s and a glued up walnut panel. The pine 2X4s ruined a sanding strip with pine tar buildup, probably because I was being too agressive. It only took a short time to adjust the thickness adjustment to a surprising tolerance. The handwheel turns an threaded shaft with 16 threads per inch. One quarter turn is supposed to raise or lower the drum by 1/64" and mine does just that as measured by a micrometer with a dial measured in 1/64" increments. After I calibrated the scale on the sander (which they say you may have to do when you change paper grit) I set the thickness to 11/32 and ran about 15 inches of a 25 inch glue up under the sander both ways. This resulted in dead-on measurements at 10 positions along both edges. I overloaded it, too, and the automatic adjustment of the feed speed kicked in immediately. An LED indicator lets you know when this happens. I also blew a 15 amp breaker on a temporary power supply (the documentation requires a 20 amp circuit). I don't consider this an issue since this device is a sander and not a planer. I was trying to take 1/16" over a 15" swath when the breaker blew. That is too much. Changing paper is simple. The tool came with what they call a TufTool that is supposed to help you change the paper but I didn't need it. I have a Delta model AP400 dust collector and it has been able to keep up with the dust production of the sander. This tool is very well built. It is accurate. It is attractive. However, it is not inexpensive and it does require some regular maintenance (cleaning and lubricating). The closed stand comes with four fixed casters. It would be better if two of them would swivel. There is a snap ring on the end of the drum carriage that holds the drum shaft in place. This and the shaft are exposed on the outside of the carriage and if you aren't careful it looks like you could get a bit of a nip from the snap ring. So far, I am comfortable recommending this tool.
February 3, 2008
Quality sander for flat sanding!
I got an offer from Rockler I couldn't resist for this drum sander. A good friend has one, and swears by it.

I am very pleased with it so far.

It did take some time to set up, but was easily done. It is heavy as crazy; get someone to help get it on the stand!
I highly recommend Rockler's casters; as supplied, the sander is too heavy to move well with the rubber jackstand feet.
It is surprisingly quiet, easy to use. Care must be taken not to take too deep a cut, or to run the feeder belt too rapidly, burning the sandpaper.

For any serious woodworker, this is a must. It is surprising how uneven boards are, even as they come off the planer. This is particularly true of hardwoods. Sanding burls with this unit is a breeze!
March 7, 2017
1 year ago
Woodworking Experience:
I recently purchased the 22-44 Plus...
I recently purchased the 22-44 Plus and am very happy with it. Assembly, adjusting and sanding strip changes are all easy to perform and well described in the manual. There is even a tool to assist in securing the sanding strip, but I didn't need it. Fit and finish of the sander stand and infeed/outfeed tables was excellent.Best of all, the sanding, while a little slow is smooth and virtually dust free, while using a dust collector.My only complaint is that the sander should come with the I/O feed tables that fold up or down for storage.BTW, the Royal Oak Rockler store is Great!!
December 18, 2007
This is a really impressive sander...
This is a really impressive sander for the money. It was easy to set up and start using and having knowledgable people at the store made it even easier for me to get it set up right the first time.The only downfall to me so far is the dust collector since I think that it should have been slanted instead of straight like they have it.
December 7, 2007
A Lot of Wasted Time and $$$$
I'll come to the point ... it gouges, burns [no, i'm not taking heavy cuts, maybe 0.030 ... the stock just stops feeding; stock comes out wavier than it went it. Mostly okay for 1x6x16" pieces, but forget about trying with expensive hardwoods over 2x8x48. And I'm not even talking about the belts' tendencies to lap over [with no warning and ruining the workpiece] ... no matter how carefully you load the belt or follow the instructions. Your only choice is spray adhesive at very, very slow feed rates and cuts less than 0.020". For me, it's time to bite the bullet and move on.
February 8, 2014
Woodworking Experience:
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Where are Jet products made?
Neil H on Sep 12, 2015
how does this sand 44" material?
chris d on Sep 10, 2015
BEST ANSWER: If you follow the directions in the manual, it does a good job with the 2 pass method.
I have a Jet 16/32 sander and having problems replacing the belt. I cannot get into the inboard end of the drum to fasten the belt. The tool to reach into the clamp doesn’t seem to catch the bracket to release the spring to insert the tapered end of the belt. Does anyone else have this issue?
Bob S on Feb 6, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Bob, I also had difficulty the first two times I changed the belt. Pinch the LEFT end (away from motor) with just the very tip of the belt. Roll the drum slowly, and keep the belt as tight as possible. Gloves help. When you're at the motor end of the drum, hold the belt with your left hand and use your R hand to manipulate the tool to hold the clamp open. (Practice this move before loading the belt a couple times.P
I think you'll find you can get a good 1-2 cm into the jaws of the clamp, and that the belt is held snugly.
Good luck!
Peter A