Cutting & Shaping Wood

  1. Cutting Flutes On A Lathe With An Index Wheel

    flute index wheel

    A Woodworker's Journal reader asks: how can I create fluting on a circular or round wooden column? I read someplace that one way this can be accomplished is on a lathe that has indexing capabilities, but I could never understand how. I do not have an indexing lathe but, have routers, a router table and chisels, help!

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  2. Crown Molding Cutting Tips

    rockler speed cope crown molding

    For most do-it-yourselfers and carpenters, for that matter, it takes a while to warm up to the idea of installing crown molding. The process just seems more intimidating than other trim carpentry and basic joinery tasks.

    The ability to make nice, tight-fitting crown molding joints does take a little practice, and if you make mistakes, the resulting gaps and misalignments couldn’t be in a more eye-catching spot.

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  3. Wall Trim & Working with Uncommon Angles

    starrett protractor angle finder

    When you encounter angles other than the usual 45 or 90 degrees do you end up scratching your head? Don’t feel alone. Here’s a question from one of our readers. Mike was nearly driven over the edge trying to figure out how to calculate the odd-angled miters for a few trim pieces.

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