woman holding epoxy and wood coater molds

These wood and epoxy coasters are a perfect DIY project to use up scraps of wood you have around your shop. It's also a great opportunity to make a project with epoxy without having to purchase gallons of it. We used Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy and Rockler Silicone Coaster Casting Molds . The skills you learn on this project can be applied to making larger epoxy projects, such as river tables and deep pour projects.

silicone epoxy molds

These Rockler Silicone Coaster Casting Molds make it easy to create one-of-a-kind coasters using casting resin mixed with the dyes of your choice—flexible silicone releases easily once cured. You can fill the molds with only epoxy resin or add objects, such as wood, to create a mixed-material coaster.

handle and pen epoxy molds

Rockler also offers silicone molds for making turning blanks for handles (left) and turning blanks for pens (right).

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