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You can make your own custom stain color using latex paint. Turn your favorite paint color into a wood stain by thinning the paint with water.

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How To Use Paint As A Wood Stain - Video Transcript

Speaker 1: Can't find the stain color you want? Make your own from latex paint. Check it out. Okay, let's just say you found the perfect paint color on a paint chip. What you want to do is have a quart of it mixed up. Here we go, chip and paint. You're going to thin it by half with water, more or less. I like to use this tool for all this. This is called a mixing mate, and you can see that it's got this auger, that's going to mix the paint for you, but here's the feature I really like. You lower it into the can and you lock it in place. One, two. It allows you to pour off paint neat as a pin. Perfect. I'm going to thin this down about 50% or so. Mix it. All right. Now, we're just going to apply it like we would any stain.

Speaker 1: Flood it on liberally, like so, and wipe it off. Using paint to color wood is a cheap and easy way to stretch and build your skills.