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Sanding and Finishing Projects

  1. Can I Apply Shellac Over Tung Oil?

    Small jewelry box made with cherry wood

    What can be put on top of tung oil to give a glossy finish?

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  2. Best Finish for My Ceramics Table Top?

    Selecting butcher block tabletop

    What type of wood table and finish would stand up to working with clay?

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  3. How to Stain Cherry Red?

    A small jewelry box made from cherry wood

    What is the best stain for a cherry jewelry box?

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  4. Mixing an Oil and Wax Finish?

    Sam Maloof finishing with his oil and wax mixture

    Is there a perfect mix for an oil and beeswax finish?

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  5. Why Didn't My Second Coat of Poly Dry?

    Octagonal cherry and walnut canister set

    Why would one coat of a finish cure properly and the next not?

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  6. Should You Sand Routed Profiles?

    Rail and stile cabinet doors and router bits

    Do you need to sand rail and stile cabinet doors made with router bits?

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  7. Avoiding Blotchiness When Spraying Maple?

    A non-uniform stain applied across a maple cabinet panel

    How do you avoid a patchy finish when spraying maple?

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  8. How to Get a Dye Stain off of a Finish?

    Wood from a sideboard with lightly marred finish

    Can you remove a stain caused by black dye?

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