Setting Up Your Workshop

  1. Top 10 Gifts for Woodworkers - 2018

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    Finding the perfect gift for the woodworker on your list can be tricky, not to mention downright stressful especially if you don’t know much about woodworking yourself. Not to worry, Rockler has you covered! Here are 10 gift ideas the woodworker in your life will absolutely love!

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  2. Review: General 70 030 Drill Press

    General International’s 14" benchtop was a tall, smooth operator in testing. It showed excellent fit and finish in its castings and milling and has a silky feed action.

    The round table was slightly cupped in the center but locked solidly; so did the support arm to the machine’s rack-and-pinion column. It's quite quiet, considering the size of the motor.

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  3. How Much Drill Press Do You Need?

    man using benchtop drill press
    Whether you’re drilling hinge cup recesses, hogging out a mortise, cutting a batch of wood plugs or countersinking some pilot holes, a drill press makes easy work of it all. Here’s a versatile, accurate tool every shop should have.

    The question is, how much drill press do you really need? After testing eight benchtop models, I’ll argue that it’s less than we may think. Chris Marshall took the top benchtop drill presses on the market to task, and picked his favorite out of the bunch.
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  4. The Right Table Saw for Your Shop

    man using table saw

    Buying a table saw is one of the most important investments a woodworker can make. If you're in the market for your first saw or ready to step up to a better model, keep reading. We'll bring you up to speed on table saw types and classes, what to look for in any table saw, and how to choose a model that suits your woodworking style and budget.

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  5. Review: Ryobi DP121L Drill Press

    ryobi DP121L drill press

    Want a full-featured drill press for a drill/driver price? Ryobi could be your machine. It comes with handy variable speed, digital rpm readout, lasers, task light and the most clamp-friendly table of them all.

    This machine delivers more in a benchtop drill press than many floor-standing models costing significantly more.

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  6. Getting Started Pen Turning

    Pen turning has always attracted woodworkers with a taste for highly finished, eye-catching work and a need or desire to keep their investment in space, money and time to a minimum. With a compact set of tools and equipment and a very modest investment in supplies, almost anyone can be cranking out hand turned pens and other small turnings in a very short time, with results that are “as good as it gets.”

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