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  1. Video: How To Coil & Store Band Saw Blades

    how to coil and store band saw blades video screenshot

    The best way to store a band saw blade is in a coil, the way it came from the factory. Learn how to fold your band saw blade into a coil.

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  2. Video: How To Hand Sand Woodworking Projects

    how to hand sand woodworking projects video screenshot

    Hand sanding is one of the best ways to smooth the surface of woodworking projects. Learn everything you need to know about how to finish your woodworking projects.

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  3. Video: How To Apply Wood Veneer

    how to apply wood veneer video screenshot

    Learn how to attach wood veneer to a plywood substrate. Veneer is a thin piece of solid wood. Plywood is most commonly used as the substrate because it is dimensionally stable, meaning that it does not expand and contract much with changes in temperature or humidity. Veneer is attached to the substrate with wood glue.

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  4. Video: How To Remove Stripped Screws With A Screw Extractor

    how to remove stripped screws with a screw extractor video screenshot

    Removing screws that have a stripped head can be frustrating. There are lots of reasons a screw head can strip, but one of the easiest ways to remove a screw that has a stripped head is to use a screw extractor bit. An extractor bit features two ends. One end looks a little like a short twist drill bit, and it is called the burnisher. The burnisher cuts away some of the stripped original driver profile, leaving a clean surface. The other end is the extractor, which features sharpened threads that are cut in the opposite direction of ordinary screw threads. The extractor end bites into the screw head and turns it when the drill is run in the reverse direction.

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  5. Video: How To Use Paint As A Wood Stain

    how to use paint as a wood stain video screenshot

    You can make your own custom stain color using latex paint. Turn your favorite paint color into a wood stain by thinning the paint with water.

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  6. Video: Tips for Restocking Shop Consumables

    tips for restocking shop consumables video screenshot

    Take a break from building your woodworking projects to make sure you’re stocked up on the supplies that you use on almost every project. Whether you’re sanding, doing a glue-up, applying finish or cleaning your bits and blades, there are supplies here you’re going to need for almost everything you build.

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  7. Video: How To Fix Loose Screws

    how to fix loose screws video screenshot

    Here are three ways to repair or replace wood screws that are loose. Wood screws can work loose over time. Most often wood screws get loose because of excess stress over time or because the material they are driven into does not have the strength to hold the screws.

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  8. Video: Matching Wood Putty

    matching wood putty video screenshot

    Learn how to choose and match the exact right color putty for your woodworking projects. Choose your putty to match the lightest background color in the wood grain.

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