Learn how to achieve an ultra smooth finish with GluBoost Fill n' Finish. This wood pore filler is specifically designed to provide spectacular, water-clear finishes, as well as seamless repairs of dings and dents. Just apply the Fill n' Finish with a rag, then spray on the Accelerator (#65107, sold separately) for a nearly instantaneous cure.

VIDEO: How to Create a Smooth Finish with GluBoost Fill 'n Finish

Unlike ordinary CA glue, GluBoost Fill n' Finish stays liquid until the Accelerator is applied, giving the finish plenty of time to self-level. This means no ridges or ''witness lines,'' and abundant flexibility in applying the finish. Fill n' Finish can also be used to fill pores on open-grained hardwoods such as oak and walnut. It's flexible, so it will move along with seasonal wood movement, and is compatible with nearly any type of wood finish.

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