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  1. Video: Benefits of Negative Rake Cutter Turning Tools

    easy wood tools negative rake cutter and an acrylic blank

    Turning tools that feature negative rake cutters make it easier to turn these hard materials. The term negative rake refers to the shape of the cutting angle of the carbide.

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  2. Video: Why Are Woodturning Blanks Coated in Wax?

    drying out a waxed bowl blank

    When you shop for woodturning blanks, many of them are coated in wax. Should you scrape off the wax before turning? Leave the wax on the blank?

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  3. Video: Woodturning with Green Wood or Dried Bowl Blanks

    shaping a green bowl blank on a lathe

    Learn how to turn bowls from green wood or seasoned wood bowl blanks.

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  4. Video: Parts of a Lathe

    parts of a lathe video screenshot

    Learn the names and functions of each part of a woodworking lathe. You'll learn the answers to questions about lathes, such as: How is lathe speed controlled? How is the wood supported by the lathe? Is a heavier lathe better than a light weight lathe? What is a lathe banjo? What are the ways?

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  5. Video: Sanding Bowls & Faceplate Turnings On A Lathe

    sanding bowls and faceplate turnings on a lathe video screenshot

    Learn how to sand your bowl and faceplate turning projects smooth.

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  6. Video: Sanding Spindle Turnings On A Lathe

    Using a lathe to assist in sanding a woodturning project

    Learn how to sand your spindle turning projects smooth.

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  7. Video: Beginners Guide to Turning Hollow Vessels

    Beginners Guide to Turning Hollow Vessels Video Screenshot

    How to turn a hollow vessel using the Rockler Hollowing Ergonomic Carbide Turning Tool. A hollow vessel is a turned piece that features an opening that is smaller than the lower part of the vessel. The swan neck shaft of the Carbide Hollowing Tool is specially contoured for making blind cuts and undercuts inside of turned vessels. Like Rockler's other carbide turning tools, it features a replaceable, rotatable cutter that does away with the hassle and downtime of sharpening.

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  8. Video: Wood Lathe & Woodturning Safety Tips

    Wood Lathe & Woodturning Safety Tips Video Screenshot

    Learn these tips for using a woodworking lathe safely. What safety gear do you need to use a lathe?

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