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  1. Cubby Cabinet Project Plan

    cubby cabinet project

    We designed this Cubby Cabinet using materials that are readily available on our web site. All materials and quantities are listed in the plan. You could substitute other materials that are cut to the same dimensions.

    The dadoes that capture the dividers in the shelves were cut using a portable router mounted to the Rockler Indexing Dado Jig. This jig makes it easy to cut dadoes that are equally spaced.

    We finished this project by applying a coat of Antique White Milk Paint over a dark wood stain. After the paint dried we sanded the edges and faces of the cabinet to create an antique finish.

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  2. When to Install a Butterfly Key?

    Butterfly key cutting tools and an installed key

    Should I surface a cherry slab before or after installing a butterfly key?

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  3. How to Cut Perfect Miter Joints?

    Using a table saw sled to cut a miter

    How can you set up an old table saw to cut great miter joints?

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  4. New Jig for Routing Equally Spaced Dadoes

    routing dadoes

    In this Rockler demo, we’ll show you another new and innovative router jig. The Rockler Indexing Dado Jig gives you the capability to cut multiple dadoes that are spaced equally apart without having to set up and move a straightedge with each cut. This speeds up your work and eliminates the potential for errors caused by misplacing the straightedge. You can adjust the spacing between the dados from 1/8'' to 6-9/16'' apart, depending on the diameter bit you use.
    We've also created a cubby cabinet plan that you can download for free.

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  5. Making Sliding Dovetail Joints

    Demonstrating a sliding dovetail joint fitting into groove

    For the woodworker building furniture and cabinets, the sliding dovetail is a joint well worth mastering.

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  6. Building a Dowel Joint

    Assembling a dowel joint before glue-up

    Learn how to make dowel joints quickly and successfully with a doweling jig.

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  7. Using a Marking Knife

    Marking joinery layout lines using a marking knife

    Improve your accuracy and cuts with this time-tested hand tool technique.

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  8. Making the Most of the Butterfly Spline Bit

    Close up of a Freud butterfly spline bit

    At first glance, the Butterfly Spline Bit (sometimes called a Butterfly Key Bit) seems like a very simple and limited use tool. But look closer and you can find a lot of useful applications for these splines.

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