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  1. Using Classic Hide Glue in a Modern Shop

    Floor mat and violin made using titebond hide glue

    Hide glue has fallen out of favor in the modern era, but Ian Kirby still finds a place for it in his shop.

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  2. Hand or Router Cut Dovetails?

    Rockler dovetail jig and cut dovetails

    Back in the day, cabinetmakers cut all of their dovetails by hand. Of course, they really had no choice. Now, with mechanical means ranging from basic router dovetail jigs on up to sophisticated automated machinery, is there any reason to time carefully lay out each and every pin and tail and make all of the demanding cuts with a hand saw?

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  3. Joinery for Drawers

    Test fitting drawer dovetail joint

    What's the best joinery method for drawers? The answer: there are several reliable options.

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  4. Dealing with Boards Gapping in Center

    Running the edge of a board across a jointer

    How do you avoid the gap that sometimes forms when edge joining lumber?

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  5. Easiest Way to Make a Scarf Joint?

    Two pieces of lumber joined with a scarf joint

    What is the easiest way to make and hold a scarf joint?

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  6. Mortise-and-Tenon Joinery Skill Builder

    Cleaning a tenon with a small hand plane

    This dynamic duo of interlocking parts has been integral to furniture building throughout history.

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  7. Causes for Floppy Joinery Biscuits

    Using biscuit joiner to cut miter slots

    What would cause loose joints from a biscuit cutter and how do you make them stronger?

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  8. Cutting Mortise and Tenon Joints with the Leigh FMT Pro Router Jig

    Leigh Mortise and tenon jig demonstration

    In this Rockler demo we are sharing a video from Woodworker's Journal that demonstrates how you can use a plunge router and the Leigh FMT Pro Frame Mortise and Tenon Jig to cut strong, perfectly fitting mortise and tenon joints in no time. Easily rout single, double, twin, quadruple or even triple mortise and tenon joints, plus angled and compound-angled joints, in stock up to 3" x 5".

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