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  1. How to Build a Kitchen Island with Pre-built Panels and Butcher Block

    kitchen island butcher block project

    A kitchen island can make a very nice upgrade to your home, adding both utility and value. If you have the room for it, an island like the one I’ve built here can even improve the efficiency of your cooking workflow, not to mention adding a cozy place for two people to sit and enjoy a meal.

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  2. How to Build a Hardwood Mosaic Picture Frame


    This picture frame uses a plywood base with decorative hardwood tiling, and it makes a nice home woodworking plan. Professionally made picture frames come in two types: the chintzy-looking cheap ones, or the really great-looking expensive ones. I decided that I would like to build my own and come up with a really great looking frame that was inexpensive but definitely not cheap!

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  3. Self Gifting Ideas for Woodworkers

    gift under the tree labeled to me from me

    Tis The Season To Give To Yourself. The season of giving is approaching fast. This year don’t forget to include yourself on the shopping list. Here are our top picks for treating yourself this holiday season.

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  4. Table Saw Dust Collection Tips

    wood sitting on top of a table saw

    If you're like most woodworkers, a table saw is the most often used tool in your shop. Getting adequate dust collection to it should be a primary concern. But not all table saws are set up to make dust collection easy. Open based contractor saws present a particular dust collection challenge. Two of our woodworking experts offer a few tips on the subject.

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  5. How To Build a DIY Clamp-On Router Table

    man using clamp-on workbench router table

    To save a bit of money and get more use out of his workbench, the author constructed his own quick and easy router table. A router table doesn’t have to cost a fortune or weigh a ton to deliver professional results. My version’s 1" thick top doesn’t even require a cabinet base or legset. It simply clamps to my workbench. The project features an adjustable split fence with dust collection, plus a router lift made from ordinary home-center hardware. By removing three pairs of carriage bolts and wingnuts, I can remove the lift, router and fence easily for convenient storage.

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  6. How To Build A Cribbage Board Using A Template

    men playing cribbage

    Putting together your own cribbage board project is a good use of a lot of different workshop talents, and the end result can be almost as fun as making it. During those long, cold winters I spent growing up along the shores of Lake Vermilion in the far north of Minnesota, one of the ways that we wiled away the long dark evenings was playing cribbage.

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  7. 10 Woodworking Christmas Gift Ideas

    gift ideas pictured bandy clamps, bench cookies, project mat

    Let's face it, regardless of what holiday you celebrate this time of year (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivas or other) finding the perfect gift for the woodworker in your life can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 10 gift ideas perfect for makers of any skill level.

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  8. How to Properly Store and Display a Flag in a Wood Case

    man saluting united states flag

    The materials used for flag storage can either assist or deter from proper preservation and unfortunately you won't notice the damaging affects until it's too late. Our woodworking experts weigh in on how to properly store a flag in a wooden case.

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