Tips, Tricks & FAQ

  1. Video: Tips for Restocking Shop Consumables

    tips for restocking shop consumables video screenshot

    Take a break from building your woodworking projects to make sure you’re stocked up on the supplies that you use on almost every project. Whether you’re sanding, doing a glue-up, applying finish or cleaning your bits and blades, there are supplies here you’re going to need for almost everything you build.

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  2. Joinery for Drawers

    rockler custom drawer program

    What's the best joinery method for drawers? The answer: there are several reliable options. The best one for you will depend on the tools and skill at your disposal, and on the importance you place on durability, aesthetics and last but not least, getting done fast. In this article, we'll outline a few of the most common drawer making methods, and suggest a few tools that will make the process easier and more accurate.

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  3. Understanding Angles - Calculating Polygons

    Calculating Polygons

    Figure 1

    Polygon calculations come up frequently in woodworking. Finding the angles and dimensions of used in building multi-sided frames, barrels and drums (to name a few applications) begins with an understanding to the geometry of regular (symmetrical) polygons.

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  4. Hand Cutting Dovetails


    Dovetail joints are the most prevalent and useful joints in modern woodworking and should be a part of every woodworker's arsenal. As strong as they are beautiful, dovetails are popular in part because of how useful they are for building a wide range of projects. Even the layout of the joint’s basic components can add a stylish decorative element to practically any project.

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  5. Understanding Right Angle Trigonometry

    understanding right angle trigonometry

    For a woodworker, being able to "solve" right triangles is an extremely important skill. Compound miters, multi-sided structures and a variety of other complex building projects can all be understood and calculated using right triangle trigonometry. If the term trigonometry causes you to suffer a sudden onset of "math anxiety," you'll be happy to know that the trigonometry you need for woodworking isn't all that complicated.

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  6. Selecting Wood for Raised Panel Doors

    What’s the best way to invite success in frame and panel door construction? Below, a Woodworker’s Journal weekly newsletter reader gets some valuable advice on selecting and preparing wood for an ambitious raised panel door project.

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  7. Router Bit Speed

    What's the best router speed for a given router bit? It’s not always the manufacturers recommended maximum. Maximum speeds can be used as a guideline, but the actual performance of any bit will always depend on a number of factors - speed is just one.

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  8. Does It Matter if You Cut a Joint Edge or Face First?

    Woodworking Question: I have read a number of articles on using a jointer or jointing a piece for a project. Some say joint an edge first, others say joint a face first. Which is the right way, or does it matter? See what our experts have to say.

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