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Drill Presses


Whether drilling a tenon for a chair rung or a series of holes with a Forstner bit to hollow out a mortise, the drill press is the only tool that can guarantee an unwavering, straight-sided hole. Rockler offers several models of drill presses. Here are some variables you'll want to consider in making your choice:

Benchtop or floor-standing: Do you have room in your shop for a floor-standing model, or would a benchtop provide the features you need in a smaller area?

"Swing": Used to describe the size of the drill press, this refers to the maximum width of stock into which the press could drill a perfectly centered hole. (It's calculated by doubling the distance from the center of the chuck to the nearest edge of the column supporting the drill head.)

Chuck size: How large are the bits you'll need to use? Many drill presses have a 5/8" chuck.

Spindle travel: This refers to spindle's range of vertical motion.

Table size: How much area the table provides for supporting the material.

Table tilt: Can the table angle be adjusted?

Motor power: Will a 1/3 hp motor be sufficient, or do you need more power for more heavy-duty drilling?