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SawStop 3HP Professional Table Saw w/36'' Fence, Rails, and Extension Table

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The 3 HP SawStop® 10" Professional Cabinet Saw provides superior performance to meet the demands of discerning craftsmen and woodworkers. With SawStop®'s legendary safety system, ground breaking 99% dust collection and peerless fit and finish, it's ready to help you get the job done.

  • Safety System: Automatically stops and retracts the blade on contact with skin
  • Dust Collection Blade Guard: Low profile guard collects above table dust and minimizes blade exposure
  • Tool-Free Quick-Change Blade Guard Mount: Make fast and easy transitions between blade guard and riving knife with no tools required
  • Quick-Release, Zero-Clearance Insert: Features a quick-release mechanism for tool-free access to the saw cavity
  • 99% Efficient Dust Collection: Advanced control of over-and-under table airflow captures dust at the blade and directs it out of the saw
  • Fence and Rails: Infinitely adjustable T-Glide rail system and widely spaced glide plates provide smooth travel along the length of the table
  • Fit and Finish: Attention to detail, premium craftsmanship and rigorous engineering combine to create a saw you'll love to use
  • Precision Alignment System: Adjust the blade and table alignment with precision not found on other saws
Rockler Protection Plan

With the Rockler Protection Plan, you'll get accidental damage coverage immediately upon purchase of your tool. Plus, we will extend the manufacturer's warranty for your choice of an additional 1 or 2 years. We'll take care of all parts and labor for any repairs, with no deductibles and no hassles. If your tool can not be repaired, we'll gladly replace it. Available in the US only. Click here to learn more.

Standard Manufacturer's Warranty: 24 months
More Information
Brand SawStop
Manufacturer Part Number PCS31230-TGP236
Weight 0.0000
Arbor Size 5/8"
Dust Collection 4" Port
Maximum Depth of Cut 3-1/8"
Height 34''
Dimensions 69-1/8'' x 33''
5.0 / 5.0
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1 Star
Love My New Saw
Had this up and running for about two weeks now. Just added the folding outfeed table accessory the other day. Everything is well built and heavy duty. Dust collection works very well with my 3HP collector.
Up and running in my workshop.  Just installed the folding outfeed table.  Love this saw.
Up and running in my workshop. Just installed the folding outfeed table. Love this saw.
March 27, 2020
4 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Excellent quality and machining
Bought the 3hp pcs saw 36”. I have owned it for maybe 6 months now and can finally comment on it. It is a great saw. The table and extension wings are dead flat. Dust collection is good. The riving knife and blade guard are easily swapped out which makes a person like myself more likely to use them. They have small storage rack for those two items on the saw. The fence is excellent. It stays true, slides easily and easily comes off the saw if needed.
The industrial mobile base is awesome. 4 swivel casters on that base. It easily raises and lowers the saw and makes it simple to move on an uneven floor. Sawstop tech support is also easy to work with. I found that to be a surprise considering so many manufacturers don’t care about consumers after sale.

Rocklers role in this sale was interesting. I bought the industrial mobile base first and then immediately ordered the saw after. The mobile base arrived first which i planned for. The base ships from a Rockler warehouse and Rockler was able to give me status to its shipping/arrival time. The saw on the other hand comes direct from the manufacturer and Rockler was not able to provide that tracking information. Rockler customer service was friendly and helpful when i asked about delivery of the saw and they offered to inquire about it from the manufacturer.

Delivery process was straightforward. I was not onsite when it arrived but my wife was. The delivery driver rolled it into my shop with a pallet jack without any coercion needed.

Overall a good buying experience with Rockler and Sawstop.
February 18, 2020
10 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Working out great for a beginner
I wanted the first table saw I buy to also be the last, so I splurged on the 3HP 36” SawStop PCS. I’ve only used it for one project but I’m already happy with my choice.

The unboxing and setup is surprisingly simple, coming with clear and easy to follow instructions. A few steps benefit from having a second pair of hands, but if you have some sawhorses and a bit of creativity you can also do a lot of it solo. The alignment of the blade to the miter slots was close from the start, but making adjustments is also pretty simple.

I don’t want to treat the SawStop safety feature like some kind of magical protection, so I did lots of studying on how to make various cuts safely before I started. Any other first-timers should do the same, and remember to purchase or make push blocks or sticks that you will be comfortable using (I’m using a Grrr-iper). The push stick that comes with the saw really isn’t enough on its own.

I would definitely recommend this saw to a first-timer who can afford it (and who has the space). Why do your learning on a “starter” saw that isn’t going to be as reliable?
December 25, 2019
7 months ago
Woodworking Experience:
Great saw just as I had expected...
Works as good as advertised. Can't wait to put through it's paces.
April 24, 2019
1 year ago
Woodworking Experience:
My new saw!
Upon checking parallelism blade, miter slots, and fence were all within .002”. Amazing! It was a beast to assemble though. Then again I’m 74 years young.
February 20, 2019
1 year ago
Woodworking Experience:
Just another 5 star review
I had a 13 year old original Delta hybrid saw.
There was nothing wrong with that saw and I had spent the time to calibrate it so it made very accurate and repeatable cuts.
The only reason for me to replace that saw was to get the SawStop safety feature.
In January 2019 I decided to go ahead and make the purchase.
I figured if I was going to spend this much on a saw I should go ahead and get the 3hp motor as well as the ICS base.
The saw came very well calibrated, the blade / table are parallel / square with less than 0.001" error as measured with a dial indicator and jigs.
I really didn't expect the user experience to be any different than using the Delta saw but I am very pleasantly surprised.
Everything about the SawStop is more substantial, smoother, heavier, .... it's just a better machine.
I also didn't know if I would notice the extra horse power but even cutting 1" hardwoods the extra power is quite noticeable.
I don't think about the blade brake feature much at all, but the riving knife is always right there and having it really does give me greater confidence that kickback will not happen.
I know all modern saws have the riving knife but this is my first experience with one and SawStop really got it right.
It's heavy duty, does not interfere with any of the cuts or the Grrripper push pads, and it's very easy to put on / take off.
The brake cartridge is also easy to swap out for the dado stack.
I don't have anything negative to say about this machine.
If you're on the fence about getting one of these I encourage you to go ahead and do it.
User submitted image
User submitted image
February 8, 2019
Woodworking Experience:
Every bit as good as advertised
If you take the flesh-sensing technology out of the equation, you are left with an extraordinarily well designed and well built saw.
Sawstop put a lot of energy into the user experience of receiving and assembling this saw. The hardware is color coded and individually blister packed and the manual is spiral bound, and contains many pictures and simple, easy-to-follow instructions. The setup was a breeze.
Right out of the gate, the tolerances are impressive. Any saw will require some degree of fine-tuning after assembly, but those adjustments have been minimal.
The only noteworthy downsides are that I had a little difficultly in implementing the Industrial-series components with the Professional Series saw (But these were eventually solved) and the safety system means that one has to be more careful and deliberate about evaluating the work-piece for any characteristics that can trip the brake. I inadvertently tripped the brake on day #2 - which destroyed the brand new blade that came with the saw and the cartridge.
Live and learn.
With the aforementioned component issues (I had trouble getting the collapsible outfeed table to work well with the Industrial Series mobile base on the Professional series saw) - Sawstop's Customer Service was excellent, kind and patient.
Using the saw is an enjoyable experience on every cut.
The 3HP motor provides plenty of power for ripping or crosscutting thick stock.
The dust collection is beyond excellent (I added the Floating dust collection assembly, but have run the saw without it, and either way the dust collection is highly effective and efficient.)
I really cannot say enough good things. The fit and finish rival that of Powermatic, but at a much lower price point, and of course if I ever DO make a mistake and put a finger into the running blade, it is comforting to know that the damage will be minimal.
January 18, 2019
Woodworking Experience:
Wonderful Saw
I purchased the sliding crosscut table with this, makes cutting full sheets of plywood very easy. I can cut full size 3/4" sheets with amazing accuracy.
This is my first cabinet saw (only ever had contractor saws until now). The 3hp is a major difference from the contractor saws I am used to.
Hope to never use the safety feature of this saw, but glad to know its there!
November 27, 2018
1 year ago
Woodworking Experience:
Fantastic Saw, well worth the investment even for a hobbyist like myself. I see a lot of questions about whether you can add a router table extension on the left side and the answer is yes you can. Just make sure it is properly supported. The extension also is a big help when I'm ripping large sheet goods.

My only minor complaint is that some of the paint is starting to wear on the fence rail after only 2 years of moderate use.
Great saw, well worth the investment and yes you can add an router table extension on the left side.
Great saw, well worth the investment and yes you can add an router table extension on the left side.
December 19, 2017
over 4 years ago
Woodworking Experience:
This is a great machine. It cuts through thick hardwood like butter. The assembly instructions were also top-notch. Everything was spelled out clearly and concisely.

YOU WANT THE MOBILE BASE. This machine is over 500# assembled. With the base, you can move it like it was floating on air. This turns out to be very helpful during assembly as well as in a smaller shop, where a little bit of shuffling has to happen for handling big stock from time to time.

Only one tiny complaint - my fence binds a tiny bit when I try to slide it, but I'm sure it will loosen up with some use.
June 10, 2017
over 3 years ago
Woodworking Experience:
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Why did you choose this?
Rockler Store
safety features and it will be the last saw I ever need to buy
J E on Jun 11, 2020
Quality of the build, testimonials of users, and safety features
Tom R on Apr 24, 2020
safety features and it will be the last saw I ever need to buy
J E on Jun 11, 2020
Reputation and personal experience
Richard B on Apr 27, 2020
Quality of the build, testimonials of users, and safety features
Tom R on Apr 24, 2020
Safety and the quality of the product.
Tracy M on Apr 7, 2020
Safety features and build quality
Pete L on Mar 27, 2020
insurance for my fingers, getting older
Mike on Dec 9, 2019
I like my fingers attached to my hands and quality tools.
matt w on Sep 24, 2019
Reluctantly spending this much for a cabinet saw but the safety feature, i feel, is worth it. Others may be less risk averse.
Matthew K on Aug 17, 2019
It is a good size saw for the size shop and projects that I make as a hobby woodworker
Matt V on Mar 14, 2019
Great high quality saw. High Power. Safety.
Brandon W on Feb 21, 2019
Eddy V on Feb 14, 2019
I wanted the larger table and also a motor that would draw less current.
James B on Feb 1, 2019
Safest, hands down. Did a lot of research. Plan on adding an incra fence and a router and lift.
Susan Stanley T on Jan 31, 2019
upgrade is overdue
Joel J on Jan 31, 2019
Not often, but once in a while I need to move the saw. I'm not sure how else I would move it without a mobile base of some sort.
Randy R on Jan 16, 2019
I chose this saw for the extraordinary safety features and the proven quality.
David B on Apr 2, 2018
220 volt and speaking with Sawstop factory rep, she encouraged me to for for 3 hp.
Doug W on Apr 1, 2018
I didn't!
Kenneth H on Mar 5, 2018
quality product
brad d on Jan 6, 2018
In a professional work environment, one "accident" is going to cost more than the saw. Knowing none of my employees can cut themselves on this is a HUGE piece of mind that is well worth the money. Not to say everyone I have spoken to LOVES the performance of the saw. The superior dust collection is also a great bonus!
Closet F on Jul 10, 2017
Valerie B on Dec 4, 2016
I like my fingers
John J on Sep 30, 2016
Wow! What a fantastic table saw. The bed, the fence and the controls equal those of any other table saw... AND the added safety is outstanding!
oliver m on Sep 25, 2016
Good reviews on Fine Woodworking, etc, Was a good candidate for home based shop.
Wesley M on Dec 2, 2015
Safety, safety, safety. Plus all of the features regarding dust collection and accuracy.
Rustin on Nov 4, 2015
To cut hot dogs.
Mark J on Aug 20, 2015
its the best
rodrigo r on Aug 11, 2015
Reputation. I'm excited to get it in my shop and start using it.
Steve U on Jul 29, 2015
Reputation and personal experience
Richard B on Apr 27, 2020
Safety and the quality of the product.
Tracy M on Apr 7, 2020
I'm trying to buy a saw- what is a liftgate? It won't let me check out until i tell it if i need a liftgate or not.
Shannon W on Dec 18, 2015
BEST ANSWER: The lift gate refers to your delivery options. The saw is very heavy and would be impossible for you to lift by yourself. When it is delivered freight, the company will offer you lift gate service. With lift gate they will bring the saw to the end of the truck and then lower it down to street level with the lift gate (think of an elevator of sorts). Without lift gate service you would be responsible for lifting the package off the truck and into your residence. Also with lift-gate the package is usually on a pallet jack (a big dolly) and the delivery service will wheel your package to where you want it within reason. Without lift gate service you would be responsible for moving your package from the curb to where you want it.
Does this saw come with a blade? If so what kind?
Joe C on Mar 9, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Yes, it comes with SawStop's own 10" stock combination blade (not their premium blade). I am still using the one that came with mine, it has been performing pretty OK.
Does it come with a plug installed or will I need to wire my own plug?
Dave D on Jan 18, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Mine came with plug installed. Bear in mind this is 220 volts so you will need to have the proper receptacle to plug into.
What voltage is required?
Kenneth' K on Sep 13, 2017
BEST ANSWER: 220V. I am a hobbyist and the saw gets moderate use and I thought a lot about the need for something more than the 110V required for my other shop tools. Right choice for me, the saw has never bogged down on thick stock although you still want to manage the feed rate. Best table saw I have ever owned!
How does the mobile base allow the Cabinet saw with a 52” fence and the support legs to roll? Do the support legs under the extension table fold up, need to be removed, or levelers screwed in?
Robert G on Feb 13, 2020
BEST ANSWER: TLDR-The legs fold up if needed and there are leveling feet at the bottom of the legs if needed.

I have the 3hp pcs 36” saw with the industrial mobile base (pcs conversion kit) under it. When i raise the base the legs raise off the ground and are able to fold underneath the extension table if needed.. The extension table legs have leveling feet that you can adjust. My shop floor is uneven pavement and the adjustments are sufficient. Because my floor very uneven, sometimes i need to fold the extension table legs to clear the floor. If your shop floor is relatively even then you should have no problem. I am considering installing a router in the extension Table and would have to modify the legs slightly to maintain mobility in my shop. For context My shop floor is approximately 2.5” out at roughly 10’. So my situation would require the leveling feet to accommodate close to that change in elevation. I could remount the legs on the extension table to do that but i am lazy at the moment lol

The industrial base is actually an awesome base. The design makes it easy to lift. It uses a hydraulic jack that raises the whole cabinet base off the ground. It has a quick release foot pedal that lowers the base. You can adjust the rate at which it lowers. It has 4 swivel casters. I chose that base over the regular mobile base because i needed to position my saw in tight spaces and the regular mobile base would not be able to accomplish that in my shop. Hope some of this helps ;)
is this saw 110 volt or 220 volt?
Dell T on Dec 19, 2017
BEST ANSWER: Dell T: Thank you for your interest in SawStop! Our Professional 3hp Cabinet saw works on 220v.
Is it possible to add a router plate to the extension table?
Steve on Jun 29, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Steve: Thank you for your question. Over the years, many customers have modified their rails and tables to accommodate a router, with varying results. We do not recommend modifying your extension table. In fact, in response to overwhelming customer requests, we now have engineered a new line of router table solutions custom-designed for SawStop cast iron saws.
what amp circuit breaker is needed for the three horse?
James F on May 18, 2020
BEST ANSWER: First of all I am not a licensed electrician and it will depend on your local wiring code. It will also depend if you have other equipment on the same line. Just for the saw alone I believe that #12 wire with a double 20amp breaker would work.
Is this a three phase or single phase model?
Cen G on Jun 19, 2019
BEST ANSWER: The model I bought was a single phase motor. It runs off a standard residential 220v circuit.
The item name declares a 36" rip fence, but the item overview says it's only a 30" rip fence. Which is true?
doug s on Jul 2, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The rip gauge reads to 36 inches, but if you use the rip guide that comes with the saw you can cut 27.5 inches because the rip guide has a head that uses up some of the rip rail. So if you clamped a board at the end of the saw you could cut nearly 36 inches. It is a great saw not just a safe saw, i'm glad I bought mine.
If I buy the saw and pick up at my local Rockler, is there assistance loading it into my SUV?
Tony A on May 5, 2020
The stores do assist in getting the saw loaded. It is pretty large and heavy (400+ pounds) and might be tight in an SUV but the store can help with that. At our store, most folks bring a pickup as it is on a pallet and we use a pallet jack to raise it and get it in the vehicle. That's the only way we have loaded them.
Can a dado blade set be used on the 3HP Professional Table Saw?
Dean on Jan 1, 2020
BEST ANSWER: Dean: In response to your request, any 8” standard-tooth steel stacked dado set (max width: 13/16”) with steel or carbide teeth can be used. For best results, purchase a zero-clearance insert for your dado set.

Do not use dado sets with solid-plate interior chippers, blades with molding heads, or “wobble” dado sets as the brake cartridge is not designed to stop those blade types. Also do not use blades with tooth “shoulders” (often called depth-limiting or anti-kickback shoulders), as these blades will take longer to stop in the event of an accident. Here are examples of popular Dado Stack Models that meet the qualifications and can be used on all SawStop saws:

· Forrest Dado King DK0824XXX (5/8” arbor)
· DeWalt DW7670
· Tenryu GMD-20340
· King Canada KSC-8000
· Amana 658040
· Freud SD208S 8” Dado Stack (NEW, March 2017)
Is the brake cartridge for a dado blade an optional item that needs to be purchased separately from the table saw?
Christopher O on Apr 1, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Christopher: The Professional Cabinet Saw will come with a Standard Brake Cartridge, a 10" standard blade and our Standard Zero-Clearance Insert. If you want to use a dado set, then you will need to purchase a Dado Zero-Clearance Insert and a Dado Brake Cartridge.
I see that the saw comes with a Rip Fence, but does it also include the crosscut miter gage in that price, or is this an additional item that needs to be purchased. Also, if one does need to purchase the crosscut miter gage, what part number should I order and what is the additional cost?
Dr. Paul on Feb 1, 2018
BEST ANSWER: The Sawstop does come with a crosscut miter but you are always better off making or buying a crosscut sled.
how much does it cost to replace the motor "brake" if the stop is triggered?
Frank S on Jan 7, 2018
BEST ANSWER: Frank S: Thank you for your interest in SawStop! In response to your question, if you activate the safety system’s brake, you will need to replace the brake cartridge and evaluate the condition of the blade for future use. Replacing the brake cartridge is simple and can take as little as 90 seconds to complete. A standard brake cartridge costs $69 USD and a dado brake cartridge $89 USD. SawStop saws are designed to absorb the force of activation and are not damaged by it.
Will they deliver to a house....I have a very long drive steps....but shop is down a long driveway?
Robert S on Aug 23, 2017
BEST ANSWER: My home delivery (also a long driveway) went flawlessly. The two men came with a truck and electric tailgate. They had no problems taking up (but not in) to my garage. And, BTW, it's a fantastic saw!
Has anyone tried attaching a Bench Dog® Cast Iron Router Table for Table Saw, Pro Fence and Plate to the left of this saw?
Edwin V on Jan 7, 2017

Thank you for your question. I don't know of anyone who has done this, as the blade is a left tilting blade and the rails are designed to hold the 12" cast iron wing to the left of the blade. That being the case, there isn't enough room to the left to attach the Bench Dog. I am not sure if you know, but our standard t-glide extension table was designed to be used with a router. The table provides an area that can be cut for a router plate; the bracing underneath leaves a well-centered opening for this.
What are the pros and cons of 3.0 hp vs. 1.75 hp?
Eric G on Mar 6, 2016
BEST ANSWER: If you are spending the money for a SawStop, I wouldn't even think of getting the 1.75 hp motor. Particularly for doing ripping work on hardwood, you want the power of the 3 hp motor to avoid dragging the blade down. (Of course, you want the best blade for the job as well -- i.e. a Freud rip blade.) The only negative I can think of for the 3 hp motor is that it requires a 220 volt circuit, but you should be using a 220 volt circuit in any event because the motor runs cooler and more efficiently (and with less drag down on heavy cuts).
I'm going to buy my sawstop toady should I get Rockler extended warranty?
Paul S on Jan 31, 2019
BEST ANSWER: I can’t answer this question - extended warranties are essentially an insurance policy and each person’s willingness to take “risk” drives the decisions. I will say that during the two years I’ve had my table saw, there have been no issues with respect to performance and build quality. It is everything I expected it would be and can’t imagine ever replacing it.
How many amps does the 3hp motor draw?
Don on Nov 12, 2018
BEST ANSWER: I did not measure it but doing the math at 746W/HP one gets about 10A at 220V as the peak draw.
what is the 4" hose running inside the cabinet from the dust port to the opposite side of the cabinet ?
James B on Feb 11, 2020