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Video: Setting Up a Small Woodworking Shop

You can have an effective garage workshop in a small space, we’ll show you how!

Best Ways to Heat a Workshop

Does your shop get as cold as a meat locker every winter? Here are the best ways to heat your space.

How to Keep Your Shop Cool

Woodworking's not much fun when your space feels like an oven. Here’s how to keep your shop cool.

Setting Up a Woodturning Shop

Getting started in woodturning? We’ll break down “must-have” and “nice to have” turning tools.

Finding a Place to Work

Expert advice for getting a great workshop started in your garage, basement or anywhere else.

Outfitting Your Small Shop

Setting up a workshop can be fun. But how do you do it without investing a ton of money?

Spotlight on Task Lighting

Here are 5 areas where extra lighting goes a long way to achieve better and safer woodworking.

NEW! setting up shop article

The possibilities are endless when setting up a new workshop space. Here are 5 things to consider.

Free Premium Plan: Deluxe Workbench

There's a time in every woodworker's life when folding stands and tables just won't do.

Workshop Bench and Wall Cabinet Project

Simple construction makes this bench and cabinet project a practical pair for any shop.

Best Workbench Upgrades

We’ll show you several simple upgrades you can make to whatever you’re using as a workbench.

Video: Modernize Your Workbench

We’ll show you how to make your workbench more functional with these add-ons and accessories.

Video: Building the Ultimate Workbench

How to build the ultimate workbench with assembly and outfeed tables.

Folding Shop Desk Plan

There's never enough floor space in small shops. This fold-down desk project provides a solution.

Material Mate Cabinet PLAN

This dual-purpose cart makes it easy to roll sheets from vehicles to storage or machining areas.

Project: Mini Tabletop Workbench

This tabletop workbench provides a mobile work surface that will enhance your shop experience.

Set Up the Best Woodworking Dust Collection

Check out the best ways to setting up your dust collection.

Dust Separator Cabinet Project Plan

This DIY cabinet adds the function of a two-stage dust extractor to your dust collector.

Woodworking Dust Collection System Solutions

Upgrade your dust collection system with these innovative dust collection fittings and hoses.

Video: Lathe Dust Collection System

Lathe dust collection can be a challenge. Our Dust Right® Lathe Dust Collection system is the perfect solution.

Choosing the Right 4" Dust Collection Hose and Fittings

We’ll walk you through hose & fitting options available when setting up a dust collection system.

Why and Where to Install Dust Collection Blast Gates?

Blast gates are like traffic cops in your system. We'll walk you through several types and how to install them.

Easy Dust Collection Upgrades

Check out these quick and easy updates to improve your woodworking dust collection system.

How to Install a Dust Line for Benchtop Tools

Dust collection lines make it easy to keep your woodworking shop clean and safe. Here’s how to install them.

Protect Your Health with Shop Air Filtration

Did you know your dust collection system does not protect you against fine dust particles? Shop air filtration to the rescue.

Improve Your Workshop's Dust Control & Collection System

There are many simple ways to improve your dust collector's output. Here are a few of our favorites.

Video: Space Saving Dust Collection Cart

Watch Paul Jackman build a dust collection cart meant to save space and keep his shop clean.

Battery Charger Cabinet Project Plan

Build a workshop cabinet that will store six chargers and keep more than a dozen tool batteries.

Storage Cabinet PLAN

This DIY tool storage cabinet introduces you to cabinet construction and builds foundational skills for future projects.

Tool Chest Plan

This two-drawer tool chest is perfect for organizing small tools, hardware, or other small parts in your workshop.

Video: Organizing Drawers with the Lock Align System

Use interlocking trays, bins and dividers to build compartments customized to the size of your drawer.

Project: Portable Tool Storage Cabinet

Build a moveable tool storage cabinet that keeps your tools organized and readily at hand.

Storing Lumber

How do you store lumber? Build the best racks and carts to store your solid lumber and sheet stock.

Rolling Clamp Rack Stores Your Clamps and More

Say good-bye to clamp storage problems. Store & wheel clamps, tools and supplies with ease.

Clamp Racks

They say you can never have too many clamps. Here are the best ways to store all of your clamps.

Benchtop Tool Cart Plan

This DIY mobile tool cart will give your benchtop tools the "home base" that they deserve.

Table Saw Blade Organizer

Keeping your blades handy, safe, and sharp with this easy to build table saw blade organizer.

Outfeed Table & Skill Builder Videos

A table saw outfeed table is an excellent improvement to your shop. This design provides mobility, storage & worktop space!

Table Saw Accessories Storage Cabinet

Learn how to build an accessory storage cabinet under your table saw extension table.

Project: Updated Miter Saw Station

Your miter saw will be more convenient to use with this DIY miter saw station.

Project: Space Saving Miter Saw Station

Make cuts on your miter saw without having to choose between workshop or bench space with this space-saving solution.

Project: Ultimate Miter Saw Stand

Maximize the potential of your miter saw with this DIY stand. Accuracy, tearout prevention, storage & dust collection are key features.

Woodworker's Journal Free Plan: Router Table Cabinet

If the area inside the base of your router table is empty, you’re missing a great storage opportunity.

Project: Router Bit Cabinet with Pull-out Shelves

Corral all your router bits into one place with this easy to build router bit storage cabinet with pull-out shelves.

Benchtop Tool Cart Plan

This easy to build tool cart on wheels raises the top of most benchtop table saws to a 36" working height.