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Fein’s accomplishments speak for themselves. The German company invented handheld electric portable drills and, ever since, has been leading the pack in design and manufacturing of industrial-grade power tools.

Fein tool users relish in the products’ innovative and ergonomic features. The Fein Multimaster, which replaced the famous Fein model 636, is coveted by woodworkers around the world. Packing forty years of oscillation technology experience into one versatile tool, the Multimaster goes from saw to sander to scraper in seconds.

The company’s rigorous R&D is reflected in numerous design accolades, including the illustrious iF Design Award for their ASW 12-18 cordless torque wrench and a Tool of the Year award from "Bauen und Renovieren" Magazine in the angle grinder category.

Whether you are out on a building site or installing an air-conditioning system, restoring a boat or grinding stainless steel, FEIN always offers the perfect, most precise solution.

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