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About Tormek

Founded in 1973 by a Swedish woodworker and mechanical design engineer who wanted to give his tools a keener edge, Tormek has long been a premier manufacturer of water-cooled sharpening systems. Such systems provide a number of benefits: Because they operate at a slower speed than conventional bench grinders and use water as a coolant, less material is removed during the sharpening process, increasing tool life, and there's less chance of overheating, which can affect the hardness of the tool. There are no flying sparks, and because of the slower operating speed, water-cooled sharpeners provide greater control for precise sharpening.

In addition, Tormek offers an extensive line of jigs and attachments that make it easy to quickly grind a sharp edge on gouges, skews, chisels, plane irons, knives and a variety of other tools time and time again at the exact same bevel angle.