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The Way to Woodwork: Woodworking's Critical Path CD from Woodworker's Journal

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With the CD "Woodworking's Critical Path: The Complete Curriculum," you get a compilation of everything master woodworker Ian Kirby has taught on the subject of woodworking. Containing over 70 lessons and over a dozen projects, the CD covers everything from selecting and preparing stock; to marking joints, plus cutting them; glue-up; final assembly and finish. You'll find out how to calculate how many board feet you need for a project, how to easily read plan drawings,and how to use mock-ups for projects you design. Complete plans are included for a Mackintosh Style Chair, an Arts & Crafts Workbench, a Frame and Panel Chest, and more. As you follow the Critical Path Ian Kirby has identified as the step-by-step way to learning woodworking, you'll gain understanding of your tools, whether it's a hand plane, table saw or router, and your materials, from solid wood (plainsawn, quartersawn and more) to manufactured materials. Kirby, trained in the British Arts & Crafts tradition, also provides you with a history of this movement, plus the details of making dovetails, and instructions for frame and panels, drawers, doors and torsion boxes.

(1) The Way to Woodwork: Woodworking's Critical Path CD from Woodworker's Journal

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Brand Woodworker's Journal
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Some of the lessons contained on this CD include:

  • Understanding Drawings
  • Calculating Board Feet
  • Identifying Flatsawn, Riftsawn and Quartersawn
  • Understanding Wood Distortion
  • Making Butt Joints
  • Adding Biscuits and Splines
  • Gluing and Clamping Procedures
  • Measuring Tools and How They Work
  • Mortise and Tenon Joints
  • Hand-Cut Joints: Dovetail
  • Machine-Cut Joints
  • Jigs and Assembly Aids
  • Tapering and Carving
  • Making Drawers
  • Hardware Options
  • How a Plane Works
  • Table Saw Safety
  • Guiding Your Router
  • Full-size Mock-ups
  • Introduction to Drawings
  • Veneering
  • Parts of a Tree
  • Moisture Content and Distortion
  • White Oak Bookcase
  • Arts & Crafts Table
  • Sofa Table
  • Frame and Panel Chest
  • Frame and Panel Doors
  • Perfect Dovetails

Plus more! Follow in the footsteps of a master woodworker on the Critical Path to learning woodworking.