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Update on the Rockler Crosscut Sled


rockler table saw crosscut sledStill looking for the perfect table saw crosscutting solution? Don’t feel alone. As we’ve acknowledged many times before, table saws that come equipped for accurate crosscutting right out of the box are few and far between. If more did, there might not be such a plentiful selection of after-market miter gauges and crosscut sleds, or such widespread interest in finding the best way to transcend the typically dismal results afforded by the typical T-square style miter gauge. It takes time to sift through all of the options and choose the one that's right for you.

Last year, when we added the Rockler Table Saw Crosscut Sled to the mix, our intension wasn’t to make matters needlessly more complex by offering yet another “been there, done that” solution. On the contrary; the tool designers at Rockler saw a gap in the available add-on crosscutting tools, and responded with a ready-to-use sled that we think is exceptionally reliable, uniquely easy to set up, and at the same time, refreshingly affordable.

In Philosophy, the Rockler Table Saw Crosscut Sled is a ”back to basics” design, focusing strictly on the components and quality necessary to get what most of us want from a crosscutting solution: accuracy, splinter-free cuts and fast, tweak-free set ups. The Rockler sled achieves this through a few careful design considerations.

Rockler table saw crosscut sled, aka crosscut sliderWith a protractor scale at the end of the fence rather than at the pivot point, the angles are large, easy-to-read and easy to sub-divide into finer gradations. Since the sled is designed to be cut down to fit snugly against the end user’s saw blade, it offers splinter-free performance without the need for a zero-clearance insert. (An optional Drop-Off Platform extends zero-clearance to both sides of the blade.) The sled’s arrow-straight, solid extruded aluminum fence, flip stop and adjustable, slop-free miter bar virtually guarantee repeatability. An easy sliding platform and adjustable hold-down clamp complete the package, making the Rockler Sled both enjoyable and safe to use.

By staying committed to this “core considerations” design approach, the Rockler Tool Design Team has come up with a sled that performs all of the most common table saw crosscut operations with efficiency and accuracy that rivals sleds costing nearly three times as much. A worthy addition to the marketplace, we’d say.

But of course we think it’s great – what about the woodworkers who actually use it? Here, from our Crosscut Sled customer reviews, are ten more opinions:

Rockler table saw crosscutting jig details"This well designed sled has solved so many problems for me as a woodworker. My saw is old and angle cuts always had to be tweaked on the sander, and was a real pain in the neck. Since using this sled all my cuts are perfect, and the time saved is remarkable. Nice to buy a tool that works perfect."

Mike Griffin, from Indianapolis, IN

"I bought the Cross Sled because of some problems I was having with cutting sharp angles. I found it to be an excellent product the first time I used it. I was building a 5 ft. glass display case and wanted to make sure all trim angles were perfect. A very nice product."

Dennis Yager, from Matthews, NC

"As some of the other reviews have stated, I had wanted an accurate crosscut sled for some time and preferred to purchase one with the thought it would be more accurate than one I could make. This product meets all of my expectations. I found it easy to set up and use on my Delta Unisaw and am most pleased with its performance. The only possible negative I might have at this point is that the stop for making repetitive cuts tends to "creep" when tightened but so far that has not been a problem.

"I also purchased the drop-off platform and highly recommend purchasing that when you purchase the cross cut sled. The two work very well together."

Fred Paschall, from Charlotte, NC

"I purchased this item because I have wanted a crosscut sled for some time and had seen several that could be made but you couldn't get the accuracy that can be achieved with this one. I haven't used it very much since I received but I was impressed with the 1/2 degree adjustments that are available to use if necessary. I also like the ease of sliding on my table saw.

I gave a rating [five stars] on my crosscut sled and after I read some of the others I got the thinking again about mine and I have no complaints whatsoever. It is a fine piece of equipment, it fits my Grizzly 10" table saw just fine, I had no trouble getting it set up. Just wanted to add to what I said before."

Kenneth Pamer, from Columbia, MS

"Extremely reasonable for a multi angle cross cut sled. It took only a couple of minutes to assemble and calibrate to my saw. It made perfect cut miters right from the start. It has already saved me lots of time and frustration with its accurate cuts. This is a great product for the price! Thank you Rockler."

Tom Belcher, from Grand Rapids, OH

"Was very easy to set up and match to my saw. I could never get the miter that came with my saw to work good as it was hard to keep the wood from slipping while cutting, and it would not work well with a long piece of wood. This miter sled solves all of my problems."

Larry Bright, from Winston, OR

"It was so reasonably priced I was amazed at how well it worked. I just finished a project and absolutely love it!"

Rod Enos, from Pocatello, ID

rockler crosscutting sled detail"After several years of making frames with a homemade miter sled, I finally have the adjustability and precision I need at a very reasonable price. I've made several frames with the Rockler crosscut sled and they have the perfect miters I've always tried to achieve."

Marty Pohl, from Tampa, FL

"Great Jig! I use it on every project and the accuracy is wonderful. Thanks."

Dan Drees, from Des Moines, IA

"This is a great addition to my table saw. The accuracy is unbelievable. The zero tolerance of the sled and drop off eliminate ragged cuts. Works great for cutting small pieces. I made some picture frames with the 22.5 degree cut and they fit perfectly. Great product and great value."

Lindell Whitelock, from Janesville, WI

Read more Rockler Table Saw Crosscut Sled reviews. Or, for more on table saw sled options, read Choosing a Crosscut Sled here on the Rockler Blog.