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Wooster Silver Tip Thin Angled Paint Brush

Thin cross-section with angle cut for corners—chemically-tipped polyester filaments are compatible with both oil- and water-based paints and clears.

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Wooster 1'' Silver Tip Thin Angled Paint Brush Item #64373
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Wooster 2'' Silver Tip Thin Angled Paint Brush Item #64939
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Wooster 2-1/2'' Silver Tip Thin Angled Paint Brush Item #69144
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Wooster-exclusive CT™ (chemically tipped) polyester filaments are what give Silver Tip brushes their luster. These filaments have a full-body feel, yet they’re very thin, flexible, and soft, which virtually eliminates brush marks. Their responsiveness and bend recovery is perfect for delivering sharp, single-pass cuts. Silver Tip brushes provide excellent leveling and smoothing with all paints, but are especially well-suited for applying enamels to metal, varnish or polyurethane on wood, and thinner water-based coatings.


  • White & silver CT polyester filaments for excellent leveling & smoothing
  • Soft yet responsive formulation with a feathery stroke
  • Stainless steel ferrule with hardwood handle
  • Thin bristle stack helps control drips and runs for trim work

(1) Wooster Silver Tip Thin Angled Paint Brush/Finishing Brush

More Information
Brand Wooster
Tech Spec
  • Category Number: 5224
  • Brush Shape: Angle cut
  • Brush Width: 2''
  • Brush Thickness: 7/16''
  • Bristle Length: 2-7/16''
  • Bristle Material: CT™ (chemically-tipped) polyester
  • Ferrule Material: Stainless steel
  • Handle Material: Hardwood
  • Handle Shape/Style: Thin angle sash (narrow and tapered, with flats)
  • Use With: Oil- and water-based paint, varnish, polyurethane; well-suited for thinner water-based coatings