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Choose Your Preferred Wood Branding Iron Style

Rockler offers both handheld branding irons and drill press branding irons. Browse our selections here:

Why Choose Our Custom Branding Irons?

Personalized branding iron gift sets let your favorite woodworker customize their own design and message. Choose from sixteen available styles of these customized electric branding irons.

A branding iron lets you burnish your designs with your logo or signature. Rockler will create a branding iron with your desired message on it. We offer customizations with one to four lines of text with or without a logo.

Rockler’s options include electric-heated and torch-heated branding irons. Do you only need the head? We’ll do that too.

Would you like to see how each of our electric branding irons works? Read our how-to article to learn how to use brands to identify your work: “How to Use a Woodworking Branding Iron.”,

Shop online and in-store at today for custom-branding irons for your favorite woodworker or for yourself!