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Wood Burning Tool Project Ideas

At Rockler, we offer more than great tools and woodworking materials. We also provide detailed project ideas to jump-start your creativity with wood burning tools like this Creative Versa wood burning kit. Consider these six projects, ideal for someone new to wood burning.

Rectangle Sign - Start with an unfinished, pre framed sign blank to create a menu board or Welcome sign by spraying the blank area with black chalkboard paint. Create another door decoration, such as a collage, by decoupaging favorite photos to the surface, attaching them with clear gorilla glue, then varnishing the item with clear spray shellac for a smooth finish. Use your wood burning kit to decorate the frame with vine work, a name, or an encouraging phrase.

Circle Sign Clock - Use this blank clock face as the foundation for a gorgeous clock. Bore a hole through the center for the hands to attach to the clockwork. Use your favorite wood burning tool to create a relief carving on the clock face. Stain the entire piece on all sides. Install the clockwork on the rear side. Add brass, gold, or silver numbers and clock hands to the front. Rockler makes it easy with this clock-making kit, which includes all the mechanical parts needed and the numbers.

Live Edge Sign - Bring out your favorite woodburning tool to create a relief carving on this rustic live-edge basswood sign. If you lack artistic talent, never fear; just use the stencils we also sell as guides. Try State Park font for informational signs or Comic Sans font for humorous signs. We also sell Script font, and don’t miss the hilarious Emoji Ki.

Ornament - As a first-timer, you may want to start small. Make an ornament for next year’s holiday tree using this rustic live-edge round ornament blank. It comes with the loophole cut and a hemp cord to hang it. Paint these blanks, or use them for wood burning or hot stamping. Apply clear varnish when you finish your etching to protect it.

Coasters - Another small project ideal for beginners, creating a coaster set lets you use your wood burning tool to make a useful everyday object. Combine your favorite font template from the live-edge sign project.

Get Start with a Wood Burning Kit

Get all the essentials to begin wood burning with a wood burning kitthat includes walnut wood pieces, a woodburning pen, a book, templates for letters and numbers, plus eight project patterns.