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The Extractor™ Nail Puller Zoom

The Extractor™ Nail Remover

Item #: 53676
Pulls broken nails and fasteners with absolute ease, and no risk of slipping or shearing.
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Thanks to an ingenious linkage that maintains parallel jaw alignment regardless of fastener size, The Extractor™ Nail Remover can grip a broken nail as short as 1/8'', and absolutely will not slip or shear the fastener. Once the grip is established, simply rock The Extractor over the curved heel to neatly and gently remove the fastener. No yanking or twisting is required - the serrated teeth bite in, providing just enough grip for gentle removal. Because The Extractor grips the entire exposed shank, it can pull tiny pin nails, brads and staples without snapping them off. The pliers also feature a unique auto-locking capability, meaning there is no need to squeeze the handles. The auto-lock grip is so unyielding, that an extension pipe can be slipped onto the upper handle to create thousands of pounds of lifting force. Drop-forged from the same steel used for bolt-cutter jaws. All 22 teeth are induction hardened to the same Rockwell hardness as high grade wire cutters.


  • Parallel jaws allow maximum contact with fastener and reduce the risk of shearing
  • Curved heel enables the fastener to be lifted with minimal damage to surface
  • Serrated teeth create a slip-free grip even on the most stubborn objects
  • Non-slip cushion grips offer a better grip with more comfort
  • Black phosphate coating resists rust and corrosion
  • Long handles provide greater leverage
  • Drop forged construction offers unsurpassed durability against abuse and the elements
  • Solid pressed rivet construction provides a lifetime of durability
  • Pulls headed nails with more leverage than a hammer or pry bar
  • Auto-locking jaws mean the user will not experience hand cramps from squeezing the handles
  • Extracts long staples and nails in a single motion, no need to ratchet the fastener out as with other tools
  • Ideal for removing: finish nails, staples, brads, pin-nails, cleats and brackets, screws, rusty or damaged fasteners, pneumatic fasteners, headed nails, ring shank and screw nails, hardwood flooring fasteners and structural fasteners!

What's included

(1) The Extractor™ Nail Remover/Extracting Pliers HL-1121

Technical Details

  • Model #: HL-1121
  • Length: 11 inches (280 mm)
  • Weight : 21 ounces (560 grams)
  • Jaw width: 15/32 (15mm)
  • Material: Chromium Molybdenum Steel
  • Tooth hardness: HRC 53-56
  • Weight (lbs): 1.4000
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