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Threaded Inserts for a Threaded Hole

Sometimes, a project requires using a threaded insert screw or bolt with a threaded hole to create a stronger hold. Typically, the threaded insert has no head, only a continuous body that joins into a threaded hole on either end.

Explaining How to Insert Threaded Bolts, Screws, and Other Joining Pieces

You would typically use one of these styles of joining fasteners when attaching table legs to a table. Although neither end contains a head, each end of a steel hanger bolt contains a different threading pattern. One end offers densely packed threads, while the other features well-spaced, slightly angled threads.

After screwing the densely packed thread end into the tabletop, you attach the table leg by screwing it onto the well-spaced slanted end of the bolt. When you’ve finished attaching the two pieces, they’re flush with each other. This creates a seamless join.

Use the same type of join to attach chair legs to a chair top. Use these types of fasteners instead of dowels to attach bookshelves to the walls of a bookcase.

Working with Hardwood, Softwood, and Metal

While you can use these threaded inserts alone in metal or hardwoods, you’ll need an extra piece when working with softwoods. Insert a hex inside the bored hole, then attach the fastener inside the hex.

Besides softwood threaded wood inserts, soft metals also require an extra piece. Use a threaded insert for metal to offer the strongest hold.

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