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These aren’t the protractors you used in junior high school. Our selection of angle finders and protractors offers precise, professional measuring for your woodworking projects.

Choosing an Angle Finder

The term angle finder refers to the same device as a miter protractor or angle gauge. As taught in junior-high geometry, you can use a compass to determine your angles, but using a digital protractor makes your work so much easier.

Rocker carries a variety of angle finders, so you can measure accurately and quickly. Choose from brands like Wixey, iGaging, Starrett, INCRA, Kreg, and more. Some options include a ruler or T-bevel, while others offer a digital readout. Our selection also offers a saddle square and miter and manual protractors.

Some of these protractors attach magnetically to your project to ensure no slippage occurs. Many measuring tools are crafted from stainless steel, so you can count on these tools to last a long time.

Angle Tools for All Your Measuring Needs

Shop angle finders and protractors online and in-store. We have tools for all of your measuring needs. Create woodworking projects with confidence.