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Whether you’re a hand tool purist who appreciates the intrinsic feel and finish quality of people-powered tools or someone who uses hand tools just for the touch-ups that are hard to accomplish with a machine, Rockler has the hand tools to suit your needs.

Wood Working Tools

At Rockler, we carry a large selection of hand tools. We stock everything, from handsaws for ripping, crosscutting, and cutting dead-on joinery; to chisels for cleaning up dovetails and truing mortises and tenons; to bench planes for smoothing tabletops. We’ve also got spokeshaves and scrapers, files, microplanes, and rasps.

Our selection of hand woodworking tools includes options for carvers with an eye for curves, sculpture, and working with three-dimensional surfaces. We stock a large variety of wood carving tools, from chip-carving knives to palm carving tools. We offer drawknives too.

Need to make a picture frame? We’ve got the right tools to help you cut precise miters, hold them tightly, and fasten them securely.

Whatever your specialty, Rockler has the right tool for the task.

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