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Wood Joinery

Wood joinery is one of the most basic concepts in woodworking. Joinery involves joining multiple pieces of wood using either nails, glue, or interlocking wood pieces. Create, shape, and join these items using a joiner.

Joiner Machines

Rockler offers both freestanding and benchtop joiner machines. Use joiners to build furniture, make stairs, and build window frames and doors. Our inventory includes these:

  • Joiners with helical heads
  • Domino joiners oscillating cutters
  • Deluxe joiners with quick-set knives
  • A combination joiner and planer with an open stand.

Our inventory also includes domino and biscuit joiners and many drilling set accessories for use with these machines.

Joiner Accessories

Shop Rockler for joiner accessories to extend the utility of your joiner. You can find options like these:

  • A shelf hole drilling set with a systainer
  • Domino assortment with matching cutters and systainer
  • Domino cutter
  • A deluxe biscuit joiner
  • 1,060-piece Domino set, with five cutters and a systainer

Rockler offers both universal attachments and those designed specifically for use with joiner machines we sell.

Shop Rockler

At Rockler, we offer more than the highest-quality woodworking equipment. We also offer expert sales associates who know the equipment firsthand and can help you choose the equipment to fit your needs.