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CA Glue

Cyanoacrylate Glue (CA Glue)

When an experienced woodworker tells a beginner that they’ll need CA glue, this question usually arises, “What is CA glue?” The CA in CA glue stands for “cyanoacrylate.” This type of glue creates a fast bond when it reacts to water. CA glue comes in a range of colors, including brown and black, so it blends well with the project.

CA Glues: More Than Just Superglue

Although many people think of superglue first, many other forms of CA glue also exist. The brand Stick Fast offers four adhesives using cyanoacrylate: thin, medium, thick, and flexible. Its products come in white or black. Zap offers thin, medium, thick, and easy-to-work-with gel. Both brands also offer an adhesive activator that sprays on over the application to cause almost-instant curing.

CA Glue Dry Box Kits

Ready yourself for tackling any project with a kit that includes a range of adhesive thicknesses. The Stick Fast kit in our inventory includes these:

  • One 2.5-ounce container of Stick Fast CA adhesive (thin)
  • One 2.5-ounce container of Stick Fast CA adhesive (medium)
  • One 2.5-ounce container of Stick Fast CA adhesive (thick)
  • One 4-ounce container of activator solution
  • One Change-a-Tip precision dispenser accessories
  • One dry box container
  • One drying agent
Other CA Glues and Accessories

The famed Gorilla Glue counts itself among the CA glues, and we offer a 5.75-ounce tube of this dependable, tough adhesive. Our inventory also includes applicator tips and adhesive syringes.

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