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Wood-Carving Gouges

When you work with your lathe, use a wood-carving gouge to carve into the wood. Gouges are considered a great wood-carving tool; they use a design similar to wood-carving chisels but with a rounded metal blade that provides a sharp cutting edge. The metal blades come in two variations, an out-cannel bevel on the outside and an in-cannel bevel on the inside.

Gouge Sizes

Wood-carving gouges also come in various sizes, with a small gouge measuring about 1/16" (1.5mm) and a large gouge measuring about 2" (50mm). Most woodworking shops need more than one size of this tool.

Gouge Sweep Numbers

Each gouge features a sweep number defining its radius. A no. 1 sweep features a nearly straight blade, while a no. 11 features a semi-circular blade. The radius of this carving tool determines the angle of the cuts you can make.

Handle Varieties

These wood-carving tools come with either octagonal, oval, or round handles. The different grips of these carving chisels let you hold the gouge at different angles.

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