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Floor vs. Benchtop Drill Press

The best drill press is one that can drill a consistent, straight-sided hole, whether it's a tenon for a chair rung or a series of holes with a Forstner bit to hollow out a mortise. Drill presses come in a variety of styles. To help you choose, consider the following factors:

  • Room for the machine - Take the size of the space in your shop into account. A floor drill press would require more space, whereas a bench drill press has the features you require in a smaller space.
  • Swing - This refers to the widest stock that can be drilled with a perfectly centered hole. It is calculated by doubling the distance between the chuck's center and the nearest edge of the column that supports the head.
  • Chuck size - The size of the bits varies. Check the size you'll need to use. A 5/8" chuck size is common.
  • Spindle travel - This refers to the spindle's vertical range of motion.
  • Table size - The area the table offers to support the material should be determined.
  • Table tilt - Check to see if the table's angle is adjustable.
  • Motor power - Determine whether a motor with 1/3 HP is adequate or whether a more powerful drill is needed, which will require more work.

When buying a drilling machine, consider the brand's quality and reputation, as well as the availability of drill press accessories and replacement parts. Choose high-quality, long-lasting equipment that meets your needs. Rockler offers the best benchtop drill presses and floor drilling machines available, as well as individual parts and accessories for every type of drilling equipment, and your satisfaction is guaranteed.