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Wood Screws


Wood Screws

Use strong wood screws to more firmly fasten wood pieces together. When it comes to woodworking and many other tasks, screws are a great alternative to nails because they are more discrete and easier to remove from wood. Each screw has a rough thread that makes it effective at firmly holding wood. You can choose from a variety of head types, finishes, and drives, such as Phillips, Square, Hex, and Pozi, that are all available at Rockler.

Wood Screw Sizes

Rockler has a large selection of screw sizes to suit your project requirements. These include #4, #5, and #6, along with 5 mm, 7 mm, and up to the 32 mm screw size.

Screw Head Types

At Rockler, there are several types of heads available, including flat, washer, truss, pan, round, and trim heads. We have wood screws for every project and application you can imagine, from exterior screws to exterior mounting screws to particle board screws. With brands like Kreg and Velocity, you can find some of the most dependable, high-quality wood screws.

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