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  1. Choosing a Router Table

    For those who like to work with their hands and build things, A router table is one of the most useful and versatile additions you can make to your shop. With the router mounted securely in a table, both of your hands are free for maximum workpiece control during the cut. That extra control makes some routing operations much easier – routing grooves or edge profiles, for example.

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  2. Joinery Methods for Making Drawer Boxes

    dovetail joint

    What's the best joinery method for drawer boxes? For that matter, what are the joinery methods for making drawer boxes? You can build drawer joints using any number of methods, keep in mind you want to make sure your joinery method is durable enough to stand up to the sometimes discourteous treatment that drawers typically receive. That means that in drawer making, the emphasis is on reliable, accurate joinery.

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  3. Easy Dust Collector Maintenance

    portable dust collector sitting on floor

    Of all the tools in your shop, the dust collector takes some of the hardest beating, regular maintenance including removing the ductwork is advised. Maintaining most of the machines in your shop — table saws, planers, band saws — means keeping them running at peak performance, so they’ll do precise work.

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  4. Tool Maintenance Made Easy

    man doing rip cut on table saw

    If you're like most woodworkers, you've invested a lot in your tool collection, both financially and in the time you've spent choosing, acquiring and setting up the tools that make up your shop. But how much time have you devoted to taking good care of them? Taking care of your tools is important, and if you've been neglecting your tool maintenance program because you think it involves lots of specialized equipment and complicated, time-consuming machinery tear-downs, we've got good news. With just a few facts, a modest investment in tool maintenance equipment and supplies, and a little time, you can keep all of the tools in your shop running at peak performance year-round.

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  5. How To Price Your Woodworking Projects

    cherry wood accent table

    Everybody agrees that masterful woodcraft comes at a price, what that price should be is the subject of a lot of debate. Have you ever wondered what to charge for something you made? Virtually every handmade product has a “right price.” Charge more and it won’t sell; charge less and you’re losing money.

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  6. Ian Kirby Woodworking Design: Making Cuts and Joinery with Marking Tools

    Knives, marking gauges and pencils used fro marking woodworking projects

    Marking your cuts is an essential step in woodworking, and there are a variety of tools for any job from simple pencils to complex marking knives. If you are going to work wood using hand tools, then all of the traditional marking tools are essential.

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  7. How to Decide What Type of Dust Mask I Should Be Wearing

    Finishing masks and respirators commonly known as P-Series particulate respirators (P95, P97, and P100) provide protection against both solid and liquid aerosol particulates that may contain oil and are best for working with wood stains, paints, and other finishes.

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  8. How to Use Your Dial Caliper to Set Exact Router Bit Height on Your Router Table

    Measuring Bit Height with Calipers

    Using the the depth probe on a set of calipers can help you set the height on your blades and router bits. A dial caliper takes precise inside and outside measurements, but the depth probe on the end can also help you set exact blade and bit heights.

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