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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. Back to Woodworking Basics: Pencil It In

    Using mechanical cabinet maker's pencil to mark cut lines on a board

    Probably the most used tool in your shop is one you might overlook; your pencil.

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  2. Project: Modern Country Table

    Modern-style wenge wood country table

    Woodworker's Journal editor Rob Johnstone found a project in the back issues of the magazine and updated it for the 21st century.

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  3. Video: The Easiest and Cheapest Dust Collection for Your Planer

    Attaching dust collection bag to planer dust port

    In this video, David Picciuto discusses options for how to keep your planer dust free.

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  4. Back to Woodworking Basics: Make Your Mark

    Collection of different styles of marking gauges

    When evaluating antique furniture, one of the things appraisers search for is the fine lines and marks left behind by marking knives and marking gauges.

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  5. Project: Arts and Crafts Entertainment Center

    Entertainment center with side disc storage and cabinet

    This update to the old-style Arts and Crafts Entertainment center adapts to modern televisions and gaming consoles.

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  6. Back to Woodworking Basics: Using Your Tape Measure

    Modern-style tape measure with built in marking pad

    The tape measure is the ubiquitous symbol of modern woodworking, but do you know how this tool really works and how to get the most from yours?

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  7. Best Clamps for Making Flat Wood Panels

    large wood panel in deluxe panel clamps

    Gluing up pieces of wood to create a larger panel is a fundamental woodworking skill. It’s useful for making everything from tabletops to cutting boards to cabinet drawer fronts and doors. The keys to creating a flat panel are to start with pieces of wood with edges that are square or perpendicular to the face, use clamps that can deliver enough force to close the joints tight, and clamp straight edges to the top and bottom faces to prevent the panel from buckling or flexing. Bar or pipe clamps have been the best choice for making panels, but now there is a better option. The new Rockler Deluxe Panel Clamp does the work of two sets of clamps, applying pressure across the panel to close the joints and pressure to the top and bottom to keep the panel flat.

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  8. Determining What Air Compressor You Need

    Portable air compressor underneath a workshop bench

    Not every shop has the space to store a full-sized air compressor, however many air charged tools do require a lot of air to work normally.

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