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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. Stopping Tearout on Veneered Plywood?

    How do you avoid tearout when cutting veneered plwood?

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  2. Video: Giant Slide Puzzle

    Paul Jackman and is pallet wood slide puzzle art
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  3. Avoiding Blotchiness When Spraying Maple?

    A non-uniform stain applied across a maple cabinet panel

    How do you avoid a patchy finish when spraying maple?

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  4. Project: Portable Tool Storage Cabinet

    Rolling tool storage system with open upper cabinet

    Moveable storage that keeps your tools organized and readily at hand.

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  5. Video: Building a Kitchen Utensil Holder

    April Wilkerson and her kitchen utensil organizer
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  6. How to Get a Dye Stain off of a Finish?

    Wood from a sideboard with lightly marred finish

    Can you remove a stain caused by black dye?

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  7. Video: How to Build a Modern Console Table

    Modern console table with hempwood drawers
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  8. How Best to Mobilize My Workbench?

    Setting the lock on Rockler workbench casters

    What is the best way to add mobility to a workbench in a small shop?

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