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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. Video: Building an Expandable Pedestal Dining Table

    Pedestal dining table with expanding center

    In this video, Shaun Boyd designs and builds an expandable restaurant-style table.

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  2. How to Make a Twelve-piece Puzzle

    Otter photo twelve piece jigsaw puzzle

    This fun little project puts together a few different woodworking techniques and only takes an afternoon to make.

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  3. Smoothing Out Curved Parts

    Using a sanding drum to smooth the curve in a woodworking part

    There are two popular methods for using a template to smooth out the edges of curved parts: a flush-trim router bit, and a sanding drum equipped with a template guide. Both have their advantages.

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  4. Where to Buy Hardwood Lumber Near Me

    man shopping for lumber

    Where are the best places to buy hardwood lumber? You obviously can't do woodworking without wood, but many new woodworkers aren't sure where to find quality hardwood lumber. Rockler has increase the variety and quantity of hardwood that is stocked at both the Rockler retail stores and online at In this Rockler demo, we'll give you a tour of a Rockler retail store lumber department, show you the lumber you can order online, and share some alternative hardwood lumber source options.

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  5. The Basics of Wood and Water

    Testing the moisture content of lumber with a moisture meter

    There’s just no way around it: Moisture in the air causes wood to change in size and often in shape.

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  6. Build a Mobile Tool Storage and Sharpening Cart

    Rolling workshop storage cart

    The sharpening cart is compact giving you a lot of tool storage and utility in a small portion of your shop.

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  7. Fractional Calipers - Accuracy in a Familiar Form

    Using a digital caliper to measure turning thickness

    The more precise your woodworking becomes, the more precise your measuring tools need to be. And if you stick with woodworking long enough, in all likelyhood a time will come when you hear yourself say, "By gum, I need a caliper!"

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  8. Building an Arts and Crafts Style Bookcase

    Classic design arts and crafts bookcase

    This bookcase was developed in the classic Arts and Crafts style with quartersawn longleaf pine lumber.

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