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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. How to Make a Perfect Fitting Box Lid

    A cut box with matching lid

    One of the slickest ways to get the lid of a box to fit the box perfectly is to make them one and the same. You assemble all six sides of a box into one piece – and then cut the lid from the box.

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  2. Cut Flat Plywood Edges Using a Router Table

    Making a flat edge cut on a piece of plywood

    Prepare flat, smooth edges on plywood—perfect for edge banding—with this simple offset fence.

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  3. Loose Tenon Joinery Basics


    Loose tenon, also commonly referred to as floating tenon or slip tenon, joinery is versatile.

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  4. Video: How to Use a Cove Cutting Table Saw Jig

     Setting up a table saw jig to make cove cuts

    This jig includes everything you need for safe, easy cove cuts on your table saw in one easy-to-use package.

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  5. Rockler Innovation – Precision Miter Gauge

    Rockler's miter gauge set up on a table saw

    An error of only a fraction of a degree can amount to ugly gaps in your corners when building boxes and frames.

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  6. Easily Applying Plywood Edge Banding

    Adding edge banding to a piece of plywood

    When I make Euro-style cabinets, I generally use 1/4-in. thick edge banding. But getting this thin edge banding consistently bonded to the edge of a carcass piece can be dicey.

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  7. How to Make a Tongue-and-Groove Joint

    Close-up of tongue and groove joinery

    What do you get when you cross two rabbets with a dado? A simple, multipurpose joint you’ll make again and again.

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  8. Video: How to Install Undermount Drawer Slides

    Installing undermount drawer slides in a cabinet

    Undermount drawer slides are totally concealed - no clunky metal to detract from the beauty of your wooden drawers.

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