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Learn Woodworking Tips & Tricks with Rockler

  1. How to Level a Router Insert

    Using router inserts to make cuts on an uneven surface

    Experts weigh in on how to properly level your inserts on a home-made router table.

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  2. Turn a Natural-Edge Green-Wood Bowl

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  3. Red Oak: Quercus rubra

    Selection of different thickness and sizes of red oak lumber

    From flooring to fine furniture, few species are as practical as red oak.

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  4. How Do You Match Old Wood?

    Laying out antique wood planks on a shop floor for color and grain matching

    How do you properly match old wood with new additions?

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  5. Using a Marking Knife

    Marking joinery layout lines using a marking knife

    Improve your accuracy and cuts with this time-tested hand tool technique.

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  6. Folding and Portable Rock Steady Work Stand

    working with rock steady work stand

    In this Rockler demonstration we take a closer look at the Rockler Rock-Steady Folding Steel Stand Rockler Rock-Steady Folding Steel Stand. Stowability and strength make the Rock-Steady Folding Steel Stand an excellent choice for supporting router tables, T-track tables and other work surfaces wherever space is tight. Thick gauge steel, strong pivot points and anti-racking supports give the stand a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds. When you're done using it, just pull the pins, lift up on the table, and fold the legs for compact storage against a wall or transport to the jobsite.

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  7. Should I Patch a Butcher Block Crack?

    Coffee table project with a butcher block tabletop

    Any suggestions on how to patch and prevent a butcher block table from splitting?

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  8. Installing European Style Hinges

    Drilling screws into european-style hinge installation

    Hanging cabinet doors is a breeze with these durable and forgiving hinges.

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