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Block Planes


Typically small enough to be used with one hand, block planes are versatile tools and among the most widely used planes. Originally used to surface the end grain of butcher’s blocks, they can smooth milling marks, chamfer sharp edges, true up miters and clean up glue lines. They also can trim small amounts of wood from the edges of doors to fit them more precisely into cabinets or even entryways. Because their blades typically are set at a lower angle, with the bevel facing up, they’re especially effective at slicing end grain.

The No. 60-1⁄2 Low Angle Block Plane is 6-3⁄16" long by 1-13⁄16" wide and features a 1-3⁄8" wide blade set at 12° for great performance, especially on end grain and soft woods. The low blade angle creates more of a shearing cut that reduces chatter.