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Choose the best clamp for your project

This video walks you through common woodworking tasks and the best clamps to use for each application.

Understand your clamps options

Pipe Clamps - Designed to fit a specific diameter (most commonly 3/4") of standard threaded pipe, these clamps are infinitely adjustable and great for edge-gluing boards.

Parallel-Jaw Bar Clamps - Have jaws that are designed to remain parallel when the clamps are tightened. They are a popular choice when maintaining right angles is important.

F-Style Clamps - Similar to C-clamps, but has a wider capacity allowing for them to be used on larger scale objects without the need for a large screw.

Spring Clamps – Also known as a hand clamp, are best for quick fastening and gluing jobs requiring only light clamping pressure.

Band Clamps - Include a ratcheting mechanism that makes them good for clamping round, odd-shaped or multi-sided assemblies, ranging from boxes to chairs.

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