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Epoxy Resin

Epoxy resin is a type of plastic that offers resistance to heat and chemicals and strong adhesive properties. Epoxy is a viscous liquid resin that can be used with a variety of substances, including wood, glass, metal, and fabric.

Epoxy resin can be used in a variety of projects, ranging from arts and crafts to woodworking. In woodworking applications, epoxy resin is frequently used as a coating or sealant to protect the wood you're working with. It can also be used to repair all types of wood. It is best to cure epoxy resins at a warm temperature after they have been poured so that they can successfully transform from a liquid to a solid.

Rockler's selection of solid epoxy resin and wood epoxies can help you build a barrier of protection for your unique wood projects and creations so they can be enjoyed for years to come.

Whether you're repairing furniture or making coasters, a river table, shelving, or any other piece of furniture or home decor item, crystal clear epoxy resin is an excellent choice for sealing and protecting your efforts without sacrificing the quality and appearance of your work.

Create Epoxy Resin Projects with Confidence

Whether this is your first DIY project or you are an experienced pro, we are here to help! Our live support team can help you get the products you need to ensure the success of your woodworking projects.