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Pullout Shelf Project Plan


Quick Fixes & Cabinet Upgrades

These quick, easy, and inexpensive DIY projects and repairs will improve the function and longevity of the cabinets in your home or workshop.

Install a pullout shelf to add convenient access to all of the contents in your base cabinet. Download our free pullout shelf plan to build a custom-sized pullout shelf for your cabinet, or install one of our many manufactured pullout cabinet organizers.

Retrofit self-closing drawer slides that slam shut with smooth-operating soft-close devices. Check out our video that shows you step-by-step how to install them, and you don’t even need to replace the existing slides.

Replace loose or stripped screws to improve the function of your cabinet hardware. Watch two new videos that show you the best way to make those repairs.

Finally, if your cabinets work well but look a little dated, give them a fresh look by installing new knobs and pulls, applying a fresh coat of paint with an HVLP sprayer, or refacing them with new wood veneer. We offer all the tools and supplies you need to do it yourself.

Skill Builder Videos

Update Drawer Slides with Soft-Closers
How to Remove Stripped Screws with a Screw Extractor
How to Fix Loose Wood Screws