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Shelf Pins & Supports

Shelf Pegs and Pins

The Rockler catalog offers a variety of shelf pins, pegs, supports, and pin sleeves to help you customize your bookcase, bookshelf or other woodworking project. The little details mean a lot, and the right support hardware

Shelf Pegs and Pins for Every Project

Our selection includes a range of options from heavy-duty brown plastic locking shelf supports to cushioned, polished brass shelf pins. Perhaps your project calls for shelf support pegs. We offer nickel-plated brass and polished brass projects.

When you build walnut shelves, use walnut shelf supports to hold them in place. This creates a seamless look by making the shelf pegs seem invisible since they blend with the wood.

Add strength to adjustable shelving by combining brass pin sleeves with brass pins. You’ll make a sturdier bookcase and create a high-end look for your project.

Shop Rockler for Shelf Pins and Supports

Shop Rockler for a variety of shelf pins, pegs, supports, and pin sleeves for your shelving and bookcase projects. Let us help you create a finished and professional look to your woodworking projects with the right hardware.