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National Woodworking Month

Introduce someone new to woodworking during National Woodworking Month!

We’ve created a series of Make-and-Take project kits and classes that can help anyone interested in woodworking learn basic skills while making cool projects for their home. Watch the videos, download the plans or sign up for a class in one of our stores. You’ll have fun making and using these awesome projects! And if you’re an experienced woodworker, invite a neighbor, friend or youth group to try one of these projects. You can buy the kits at a discount all month.

Custom Knife Make and Take Project

Custom Knife

In this class, you’ll create your very own custom knife. You’ll choose your wood scales for the handle, then learn how to shape, sand and finish.

Ice Cream Scoop Make and Take Project

Ice Cream Scoop

Join us to create your very own ice cream scoop! Get comfortable at the lathe and turn a handle from the wood of your choice.

Floating Shelf Make and Take Project

Floating Shelf

Learn new skills and leave with a finished project you can proudly say you made yourself! Craft a beautiful shelf and get the clever "hidden" hardware to mount it.

Custom Keepsake Box Make and Take Project

Custom Keepsake Box

We’ll teach you basic box-building techniques, and you’ll leave with a finished project you can proudly say you made yourself. In this class, you’ll create your very own keepsake box.

Free Downloadable Plans

Trundle Bed

Trundle Bed Free Downloadable Plan

You're always ready for company with our modern twist on the time-honored trundle. Plus, those little ones can actually get a good night's rest while also enjoying the fun of sleeping on this unusual bed-they'll probably squabble over the bottom bunk for a change! Ours is made of mahogany, but you could use any hardwood or softwood you prefer, and it will be equally attractive.

Modular Bookcase

Modular Barrister's Bookcase  Free Downloadable Plan

We'll forgive you if you have a burgeoning home library-it's tough to resist the urge to collect books, even in today's world of instant media and DVDs. If you're looking for a neat and attractive way to store your volumes, these modular bookcases just might be the ticket. Start with two or three and build more as the need arises.

Vintner's Valet

Vintner's Valet Free Downloadable Plan

This Gustav Stickley-inspired accent piece holds a full complement of wine glasses and champagne flutes, and it keeps a case of your favorite wine close at hand. Build it from quartersawn white oak to add some authenticity and durability to this project.

Traditional Settle

Traditional New England Settle Free Downloadable Plan

Equally at home next to the fireplace or in the entryway, this colonial bench will warm your home with its old-world charm. One way to enhance the project's aged appearance is to build it from reclaimed heart pine, just like our forefathers used.

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