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Pathfinders Leonardo da Vinci Bicycle Kit

Build a miniature wooden bicycle, complete with functioning pedals that turn the rear wheel!

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There is considerable debate as to whether Leonardo da Vinci's bicycle image from the 1500’s is genuine, or a forgery. Whatever the case may be, the drawing has generated plenty of discussion, and has served as the inspiration for this working model of a bicycle. Made from laser-cut plywood, the model is mounted, and features a back wheel that's powered by a crankshaft and an elastic band that serves as the chain. An easy-to-make item that works and looks great on display, it is sure to inspire developing mechanical minds.


  • Laser-cut plywood pieces are pre-cut and ready-to-go
  • Great instructions and historical information
  • Pieces are slotted for strength and accuracy
  • Easy to make in an afternoon
  • Completed model is 10'' x 3.5'' x 6''

Pathfinders Leonardo da Vinci Bicycle Kit
(21) Laser-cut wood pieces

(6) Dowels

(5) O-rings

(2) Elastics
(1) Glue tube
(1) Sandpaper sheet

More Information
Brand Pathfinders Design
Manufacturer Part Number D-55
Weight 0.350000
Tech Spec
  • Manufacturer Part Number: D-55
  • Material: Laser-cut plywood
  • Finished Dimensions: 10'' x 3.5'' x 6''