Router Tables

Router Tables
router tables
Rockler Convertible Benchtop Router Tables

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Router Table Packages

High Pressure Laminate

HPL Router table, fence stand and plate

Pro Phenolic

Phenolic Router Table,Fence and Lift

Cast Iron

Cast Iron Table, Fence, Stand and Lift

Router Tables

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Choosing a Router Table

A router table is one of the most useful and versatile additions you can make to your shop. With the router mounted securely in a table, both of your hands are free for maximum workpiece control during the cut. That extra control makes some routing operations much easier - routing grooves or edge profiles, for example. It also allows you to do some things you couldn't safely do with a handheld router - such as routing narrow stock, making cope-and-stick joinery cuts on the rails and stiles for paneled doors or cutting the raised panels themselves. There are 5 things to consider when purchasing a router table package:

  1. 1. A Flat, Solid Top
  2. 2. A Flat, Rigid Base Plate
  3. 3. Miter and T-Slots
  4. 4. An Accurate, Easy-to-Position Fence
  5. 5. A Sturdy, Stable Base

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