Router Tables

Router Tables
router tables
Rockler Convertible Benchtop Router Tables

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Router Table Packages

High Pressure Laminate

Rockler High Pressure Laminate Router Table Top, Fence, Steel Stand & Pro Lift Router Lift

Pro Phenolic

Rockler Phenolic Router Table Top, Pro Fence, Steel Stand & Pro Lift Router Lift

Cast Iron

Bench Dog Cast Iron Router Table, Pro Fence, Steel Stand & Pro Lift Router Lift

Router Tables

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Choosing a Router Table

A router table is one of the most useful and versatile additions you can make to your shop. With the router mounted securely in a table, both of your hands are free for maximum workpiece control during the cut. That extra control makes some routing operations much easier - routing grooves or edge profiles, for example. It also allows you to do some things you couldn't safely do with a handheld router - such as routing narrow stock, making cope-and-stick joinery cuts on the rails and stiles for paneled doors or cutting the raised panels themselves. There are 5 things to consider when purchasing a router table package:

  1. 1. A Flat, Solid Top
  2. 2. A Flat, Rigid Base Plate
  3. 3. Miter and T-Slots
  4. 4. An Accurate, Easy-to-Position Fence
  5. 5. A Sturdy, Stable Base

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