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CNC Machines
Axiom CNC Machine

Nextwave designs and builds small format automation application systems for businesses that need high quality technology that will grow as they grow. A Machine for every need from 12” x 13” to 25”x50”. Next Wave CNCs feature a convenient touchscreen interface on every machine.

Add laser engraving to any CNC Shark.

NextWave offers online forums, blogs and groups for owners of NextWave machines.

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Axiom CNC Machine

Engineered from the ground up like a large machine, yet it still fits comfortably in your shop.

Accuracy, repeatability and speed are the result of integrating only the finest quality components.

Ease of Use
No complex software required. The powerful hand-held controller is intuitive and easy to use.

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Carvewright CNC Machine

Large Projects, Small Foot Print
The CarveWright utilizes a patented feed through system. Much like a visible-l-inline printer, it feeds the material through the machine, so even with the small footprint of this machine, you can produce very large projects.

Fully Automated
The ServoSmart™ controller is the most advanced CNC controller ever seen in an affordable CNC system. Five feedback sensors and automated setup give the CarveWright an undeniable edge. This intelligent feedback allows it to maintain accurate positioning and report problems instead of crashing.

Make Your Project Faster
With the intelligent servo system, we are able to move much faster than any stepper motor system. This means faster project production time. Up to four times faster than any stepper CNC and for remarkably lower cost.

Dedicated Support
CarveWright’s staff of technicians are on duty to resolve any issues you have. The CarveWright user’s forum is also available with a wealth of knowledge and fellow users eager to lend a hand.

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The Powermatic CNC line is the premium choice for the craftsmen who strive for perfection. The unequaled design gives the user the freedom of limitless possibilities.

Heavy duty welded steel frame and cast aluminum gantry supports offer extreme rigidity and accuracy that you've come to expect from Powermatic tools.

Full 5 Year Limited Warranty. Powermatic Tools will be happy to assist you with any problem you may encounter. Powermatic truly believes in their products and that is why they stand behind their work.

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5 Criteria to Guide Your CNC Choice

The purchase of a CNC machine is no small investment, and the variety of available options can befuddle just about anyone who's not an expert. To help you narrow your options and hone in on the right CNC machine for your shop, we've identified five variables you should consider:

1. Duty cycle: Do you plan to use the machine for occasional hobby projects or for more sustained production purposes?

2. Capacity: How big do you anticipate these projects will be? For example, do you expect to make large outdoor signs or small wall plaques? While software allows smaller machines to work on larger projects in "tiles," a machine with a larger "working envelope" might be worth it because of the setup time and effort it will save you.

3. Durability: Is the machine robust enough to maintain its accuracy over time? For how long? Lighter-duty machines often do not hold their tolerances as well as more rigidly built machines.

4. Power: What type of motor or spindle will the machine have (or require), and what's the horsepower capability? Power determines speed and quality of the cut. Some CNC machines are designed to fit a compact router motor; some can accommodate larger router motors; some come with water-cooled spindles; and some have spindles that use other liquid coolants. In general, spindles make less noise and are built specifically to run for extended periods of time. So a more serious user probably will want a liquid-cooled spindle, while a casual user might be happy with a router motor or water-cooled spindle.

5. Value: Are all of the important components included in the price, or are they considered add-ons that must be purchased in addition to the machine? Some machines include such items as design software and a touch plate or puck for easy setup, while others sell every item as an accessory. Additionally, some require the user to have a computer attached to the CNC machine at all times, while others have a handheld controller onto which files can be loaded via a USB port.

If you have any questions, associates at your nearest Rockler Retail Store would be happy to talk with you, or you can call our Technical Services department at 800-260-9663 (7 a.m.-6 p.m. M-F).

Choosing the right CNC machine

With the number of options increasing and so many details to be considered, choosing the right CNC machine for your shop can be challenge. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Hobbyist-level CNC machines are all-in-one carving units that won't take up a huge amount of space in your shop. They feature a built-in motor/spindle into which the cutting bits are mounted, and they offer plug-and-play convenience. Just load the included software onto your computer, connect the CNC machine with the included USB cable, follow the instructions and start carving. Because of the smaller footprint of these machines, they work well for smaller-scale work.

Professional-level CNC machines are larger and, as a result, can accommodate larger workpieces. Along with increased power and capacity, these CNC machines have enhanced controls and include more sophisticated software. An external router (sold separately) is mounted in the machine to turn the cutter. (Some models require a Bosh Colt trim router, and some can accommodate larger routers with more power.)

Specialized CNC routing bits are available, and we offer the five most popular bits in a set.

So whether you're a hobbyist looking to make extraordinary carved gifts or a professional who needs to mass-produce detailed wood products, Rockler has the perfect model to fit your needs.