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Pathfinders Leonardo da Vinci Aerial Screw (Helicopter) Kit

An authentic replica based on Leonardo da Vinci's iconic illustrations of the first ''helicopter.''

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The Aerial Screw—referred to as the first ''helicopter'' design by many—was based on Da Vinci's reasoning that, since air had mass, you could screw up into it, much like we woodworkers drive a screw into a piece of wood. Indeed, the same concept eventually led to the development of rotors. This model is made of natural pine and untreated plywood, and has cool meshed bevel gears that are actually based on Da Vinci's drawings. An engaging kit that would be a great activity for parents and kids, or grandparents and kids to make together. Includes clear instructions and historical information, as well as some theory about how aerodynamics and lift works.


  • All pieces pre-cut and ready to go
  • Pieces are pegged for strength and accuracy
  • Easy enough (but not too easy!) to make in a few hours
  • Made with natural untreated pine and plywood from sustainable forestry practises
  • Comes with glue, a cotton canopy, and clamps to hold it in place while the glue dries
  • Canopy and support structure are removable
  • Historically accurate (but a bit smaller)
  • Completed model is 14'' x 9'' x 9''

Pathfinders Leonardo da Vinci Aerial Screw (Helicopter) Kit
(51) Dowels
(10) Wooden pieces (bases shafts, collar, drum, driveshaft holder etc.)
(3) Gear plates
(2) Canopy rims
(4) Platform supports
(4) Screw eyes with string
(2) Cloth canopies

More Information
Brand Pathfinders Design
Manufacturer Part Number D-19
Weight 1.400000
Tech Spec
  • Manufacturer Part Number: D-19
  • Material: Pine and plywood
  • Finished Dimensions: 14'' x 9'' x 9''