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About Dewalt

Rockler carries a wide selection of DeWalt power tools, including their popular line of cordless drills and saws, shop tools, vacuums, and accessories. DeWalt is best known as a trusted source of power tools used extensively by commercial contractors and wood shops. DeWalt tools are valued by professional builders for their high power and light weight and are ruggedly designed to last through years of regular use.

Arguably and deservedly the most popular DeWalt line of tools are their cordless drills and drivers. In addition to having loads of torque and adjustable speed transmissions, these drills come with useful features such as built in LED lights to illuminate your work spot, adjustable slip clutches to prevent over driving screws and, powerful 18V quick charge batteries so you can run continuously.

DeWalt's cordless saws are continually useful tools. The hassle of dragging a cord around, especially for smaller jobs out in the back yard or down on the dock, is a thing of the past. DeWalt's cordless reciprocating saws are the ultimate demolition tool and a remodelers best friend, its light, its powerful, it gets the job done. Features include variable speed trigger control, keyless blade changes, and a unique adjustable foot that provides useable versatility for difficult cutting applications including flush cuts. All of Rockler's line of DeWalt cordless tools use 18 volt interchangeable batteries, so you can swap them from tool to tool. These batteries fully charge in an hour, are good for up to 2000 charge cycles, and consistently out perform the competition in power and energy density (they push hard and last a long time).

Rockler also carries an excellent selection of DeWalt's no nonsense shop tools. For fine scroll work, check out DeWalt's variable speed bench top scroll saw. This 56 pound tool comes with an over-sized cast iron table for a solid stable work surface and features DeWalt's proprietary link arm system which keeps the blade motion perpendicular providing clean vibration free cuts. When a large drill is what's called for, DeWalt's ½" spade handle drill is up to the job with 9.0 Amps of power to spin large hole saws, 5 gallon mortar or paint stirrers, big tenon cutters, or whatever you have in mind.

DeWalt offers handy accessories for your worksite. One of the handiest is DeWalt's worksite radio. This tool not only keeps your mind entertained while you work but also charges your batteries for you and serves as a power strip with 3 auxiliary electrical outlets. Keep your worksite lit well into the night with the DeWalt Heavy Duty Cordless Floodlight or their Cordless Fluorescent Area Light. Devour wet and dry messes in your shop or garage with the DeWalt Wet – Dry Vacuum. The 2 gallon capacity makes significant cleanup tasks a snap.