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About Incra Tools

In January 1987, after developing a revolutionary incremental positioning jig and a unique marking gauge, Chris Taylor founded a company that has become synonymous with woodworking precision. Today, Incra Tools is a leading supplier of woodworking tools and accessories aimed at professionals and serious hobbyists.

The Incra brand is one of the most trusted names in precision positioning jigs, miter gauges, and sleds and fence systems. Their patented incremental positioning systems make everything from cutting dovetails to crosscutting on a table saw about as easy and error free as it gets. They use only the highest quality materials and all their products are American made.

Each and every Incra tool is designed to meet two simple and powerful criteria - accuracy and repeatability. The Incra Universal Precision Positioning Jig, for instance, is an affordable little wonder that offers fast, precise, repeatable fence positioning at a fraction of the cost of other jigs. If you're looking to improve the accuracy and consistency of sensitive router operations, but don't have a lot to invest, the original Incra router Jig is an ideal solution. Combined with Incra's router table fence and right angle fixture you have all the equipment necessary to start using your router table as a fine joinery tool.

Incra's miter gauges and sleds always garner rave reviews - and with good reason. Unfortunately most miter gauges that come with even high quality table saws are flimsy and inaccurate. If you intend to use your table saw or router table for cutting dovetails and box joints, or even just crosscuts, then an accurate stable miter gauge is a necessary addition to your shop, and there is no better miter gauge than an Incra. The Incra V27 miter gauge is an affordable and highly functional tool. It's adjustable expansion disks in the glide bar ensure that there is no slop from side to side allowing the most accurate and reproducible cuts possible. The patented incremental angle control mechanism set at every 5 degrees and the full 60 degrees range of approach allows high precision cuts over a huge range of angles. The solid steel construction will provide both a stable base to mount your own miter fence to and also stand up to loads of abuse over time. Whether you're an amateur or professional woodworker, you'll be impressed by the cut quality and angle adjustability of Incra miter gauges.

Incra marking and measuring tools deliver exactly what you'd expect from a company committed to accuracy and sure-fire repeatability. Their full series of rules and protractors feature precision laser cut holes and slots designed for a sharp pencil or metal scribe to mark through. This unique feature ensures that your marks will be exactly where you intend them to be every time - no guessing about which half of the line to cut. Additionally, being able to pin one point of the rule and scribe with another makes for a handy compass with a near infinite and highly controlled range of length to your arc. Even if you're just using an Incra rule for measuring, the laser etched marks are crisp and easy to read, right down to the 32nd of an inch. Stainless steel made in the USA, Incra tools are built to last a lifetime.

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