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For over half a century, Jet has been producing heavy-duty tools with an unwavering commitment to performance and quality. What started in 1958 as a manufacturer of industrial equipment has evolved over the decades into a woodworking powerhouse, furnishing wood shops with everything from the standard workhorses like table saws, band saws and drill presses, to drum sanders, edge and spindle sanders, and the dust collection and air filtration needed to clean up the mess.

And JET goes beyond the standards. Their new hybrid table saws have helped carve out a new category of table saw, with their hybrid Proshop and Supersaws receiving high marks from customers and publications alike. Among their innovative offerings is a convertible jointer/planer with helical knives—hundreds of four-sided rotatable carbide blades for the ultimate in long-wearing durability and smoothness of cut. JET has integrated this same helical knife technology into many of their stand-alone jointers and planers as well.

JET stands behind their products with some of the best warranties in the business. JET tools and accessories derive from countless hours of design, research and engineering, and the utmost care is put into manufacturing the final product. Whether for a professional shop or for a home hobbyist, the JET name has come to represent quality and JET backs up that reputation with top-notch service. For over 50 years—JET is your fast-track to woodworking success.

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