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About Laguna

Laguna Founder, Torben Helshoj, had already won the prestigious Silver Medal for outstanding woodworking awarded by the Queen of Denmark before coming to America. Once he arrived Torben was quick to notice that American woodworking equipment wasn't up to par with European machinery in terms of safety, functionality and basic features found abroad.

Spotting an opportunity, Torben and his partners decided to import a European 5 function combination machine, which became the cornerstone for Laguna Tools. He produced an informative video and in no time, Laguna Tools was in business.

One success soon led to another, and it wasn't long before Laguna Tools had laid down a solid foundation built upon superior performance, precise results, and innovative features that enhance safety and improve the functionality of essential woodworking machines. Along the way, we always pioneered new technology, including our DriftMaster Fence system that continuously wins accolades from experts and enthusiasts alike. Today our products are known worldwide as the ultimate in bandsaws.

Laguna Tools is also uniquely different as we are a company founded and run by a passionate woodworker. Torben Helshoj, the president of Laguna, has a hand in every facet of the design and manufacture of every piece of equipment we offer. His background in engineering allows for the development of woodworking machinery that continues to set new benchmarks in all areas of performance, quality and precision. His innate knowledge has sets us apart and enables us to offer the equipment that woodworkers really need to take their craft to the next level.